Lincoln Project releases ‘Trump smells’ ad

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Amidst the ongoing social media hysteria surrounding the #TrumpSmells hashtag, The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump organization, strategically unveiled a 40-second ad titled “Limburger” on X (formerly Twitter). 

This ad, targeted directly at former President Trump, aims to capitalize on the viral hashtag and further intensify the discourse.

Credit: Texas Public Radio

Provocative imagery and audacious messaging

The “Limburger” ad employs a series of vivid and intentionally repulsive scenes featuring garbage dumps, animal feces, dirty diapers, and moldy cheese. 

This visual narrative, set to an audio track of someone audibly sniffing and coughing at the depicted smells, is a satirical take on Trump, who is currently considered the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.

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‘Claiming former president Trump smells bad’

As the camera pans across Trump Tower in New York, a deep voice asserts, “claiming the former president smells bad.” 

Comedian Kathy Griffith’s voice then enters the narrative, characterizing Trump’s scent as a unique amalgamation of body odor and scented makeup products.

A controversial hashtag takes root

The #TrumpSmells hashtag, which gained momentum after former Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s commentary on X, plays a pivotal role in the ad’s context. 

Kinzinger, a frequent political antagonist of Trump, ignited the discussion by sharing his surprise at the lack of a debate about Trump’s alleged odor, advising people to wear masks in his presence.

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Kinzinger vs. Trump’s spokesperson narratives 

The ad prompts a response from a Trump spokesperson, dismissing Kinzinger’s claims as baseless and attacking the former congressman’s character. 

The spokesperson retorts by referencing an unrelated incident, accusing Kinzinger of inappropriate behavior on live TV and branding him an “unemployed fraud” who has disgraced his country.

Dramatic conclusion: A bold inquiry in anti-Trump ad

Credit: DepositPhotos

As the ad concludes, a generic female voice is heard audibly sniffing, coughing, and grimacing before daringly asking, “Donald, is that you?” 

The background ambiance includes the ominous sound of buzzing flies, adding a dramatic touch to the provocative inquiry.

The Lincoln Project’s “Limburger” ad injects itself into the volatile #TrumpSmells discourse, leveraging provocative imagery and audacious messaging. 

Strategic impact and controversial focal point

The ad navigates through a series of bold visual and verbal assertions, engaging with the controversy sparked by Kinzinger’s comments and the subsequent rebuttal from Trump’s spokesperson. 

The strategic use of the #TrumpSmells hashtag serves as a catalyst for the ad’s dissemination, ensuring it becomes a focal point in the ongoing narrative surrounding the former president.

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