Legit Online Jobs Review – Is This The Scammiest Program Out There?

Does Legit Online Jobs Work

Legit online jobs makes a bold statement on its official website: unemployed dad goes from $0 to $9,117 per month working online.” A few readers wrote in to us to find out of the claim is true so we decided to take a close look at legit online jobs. This is our legit online jobs review and these are the pertinent facts potential members of the website need to know.

Legit Online Jobs Review – Is It Really Work From Home?Legit Online Jobs Review 2019

Lots of work from home programs on the internet make the claim things can be done from home, only to be exposed as being fraudulent.

This question was no less pertinent to legit online jobs when we started to look into the program.

A decision was taken to establish this important detail before a single work was committed to paper in a review.

The good news is that legit online jobs does in fact fulfill the test of a work at home opportunity.

This is clear from the lead story on the main website. In it, the visitor is introduced to Ross Williams, an IT guy who lost his job back in 2008 at the start of the global financial crisis.

Ross gives a little info on his background, his life after he lost his job, and most importantly, an explanation of the problems he faced when looking at online jobs. We alluded to these problems at the start.

Ross Williams goes into a brief explanation of this experience.

Legit Online Jobs – What Is The Program Really About?

Legit online jobs has a simple premise upon which users are able to make money. According to the main website, users, or members as they are called, are able to post ads for big companies and get paid a reward for doing so.

Legit online jobs calls these money posting ads. The main website says that the work at home program has unlimited potential and runs virtually on autopilot.

Members are accepted worldwide so this isn’t a program that’s just for people in the Third World.

Americans, Canadians, British people are all accepted into the program. This is a sign of inclusivity, an important thing in today’s world where everybody needs to feel a sense of belonging.

Does Legit Online Jobs WorkLegit Online Jobs Review – Getting Started?

Legit online jobs isn’t a new program as such. It’s been around for at least a year and many of the findings we discovered pointed to the legitimacy of the program.

One of the main advantages talked about by existing users and which we noticed from the main website is the ease and simplicity of the program.

The program is literally 1, 2, 3, and nothing beyond that.

This is how the program works.

Stage One

In stage one the user creates an account with the platform. This is the standard account creation process. Email address, password and display names are just a few of the items a user needs to fill in.

What we liked about this part of the process was the ease and quickness of it.

The user doesn’t have to do much thinking about the process. Just a few details to enter into a simple online form. Then they are ready to move to the next step.

Stage Two

In stage two members are able to select the companies that they wish to create and post ads for.

On the main website there is a collage of companiesLegit Online Jobs Review which include household names. Names like Nike, the BBC, BMW, Google, HP, IBM, NFL, Starbucks, Toyota and Adidas.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means and it appears as if there potentially more companies inside the members area.

This broad selection is a good thing given the fact that some people may or may not like some of the companies in the database. This gives members good flexibility.

Stage Three

Stage three is pretty simple. Ads that are created in the second stage are then posted. The form used to create this post looks simple and easy to manage and is consistent with the earlier states for ease and simplicity.

Legit Online Jobs ScamLegit Online Jobs – Final Thoughts

The legit online jobs program like many programs of this type is a membership program. This means that anyone looking to earn potentially $9,117 will have to pay to get in.

This isn’t a bad thing because the cost to the member is fully refundable.

What’s even better is the fact that members can get their money back up to 60 days from purchase.

That’s a full 2 months to try the money posting ads without worrying that the money is gone forever. This money-back guarantee alone makes the program worth exploring. Click here for the official website.


Final Rating: 4.8 Stars

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