Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – Is This For Real?


A dying father-in-law was the trigger for the creation of the breakthrough program, lean belly breakthrough and this is our review. We’ve looked at a few programs of this kind but to we believe this lean belly breakthrough review will be our first to deal with a program for over 50 year olds. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s dive right into the review…

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – What Caused It AllLean Belly Breakthrough Reviews

The lean belly breakthrough program was created by a man called Bruce Khan, a well-known nutrition and fitness guru. Bruce, it seems, was very busy helping people achieve their fitness goals and completely ignored the people that were close to him. One day Bruce got a call that his father-in-law was having a heart attack. Bruce rushed to his side, but not before he called a well-known heart specialist in Dr Heinrick. Things weren’t looking too good for Bruce’s father-n-law and there was talk of open-heart surgery and the possible onset of diabetes. Something had to be done.

Having trained some of the world’s top celebrities, Bruce knew he had it in him to create a program that would help people like his father-in-law. The trouble was that creating a program for people over 50 requires a bit more than just fitness experience. Bruce needed medical expertise to make the program really targeted. Dr Heinrick decided to partner with Bruce and out of that came the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – What Exactly is The Program?

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a unique fitness and nutrition program that targets over-50s. The program was created with the expressed purpose of creating weight loss without pills. The emphasis in the program is one of progressive exercise, rest and diet. The overriding exercises in the program are designed to give older people a safe way to shed weight and tighten up their belly. Many programs have promised a ripped set of abs but those are usually pitched at 20 year olds. Lean belly breakthrough takes where these programs leave off, and amp it up for people that are getting on in age.

Lean-Belly-Breakthrough-ReviewLean Belly Breakthrough – What’s Inside

The core exercise program is called the 3-minute belly flattening sequence. In it, Bruce Khan provides a set of exercise that target the core muscles of the belly area. Users do a series of squats, quad lifts, and general toning, all designed to get the belly in tip-top shape. The 3-minute belly workout comes complete with a ready-done template.

This template is a must-have as it helps users navigate the routine with very little hassle. The template also provides guidance on the types of foods users should be eating and at what time. Timing is such a crucial part of getting a flat belly so we were pleasantly surprised when we came across this part of the template. The guidance is very handy in setting goals and there is the added boost of detox guidance. Yes, the lean belly breakthrough will show you a list of herbs to use in order to flush toxins.

Lean Belly Breakthrough – The Bonus Factorlean-belly-breakthrough-review

A few of the guides we’ve reviewed for fitness and overall health have been light on the bonus side. And by bonus we don’t mean a slew of useless ebooks. We are talking about real, weighty information. The sort of knowledge that can really help you achieve your fitness goals.

Bruce Khan has packed into the program the following results-boosters:

A comprehensive guide that helps people melt away unwanted fat

Incredible meals, and diet guides geared towards boosting metabolism and reducing the dependency on junk foods.

A concise guide designed to help people over 50 avoid the risk factors associated with heart attacks and other ailments. This addition owes much to Bruce’s father-in-law, the original inspiration for the lean belly breakthrough

Diabetes focused recipes that help control the disease, as well as advice on how to prevent the disease from taking hold in the first place.

Those over-50s with heart conditions are also catered for. The information put together by Bruce and Dr Heinrick is very powerful, especially the information and insights given regarding prevention.

An emergency fat loss guide geared towards anyone in a crunch where weight loss is concerned. This guide is perfect for anyone tipped to either get married or attending a wedding.

Lean-Belly-Breakthrough-ScamIs the Lean Belly Breakthrough A Scam? – Our Final Take

Summing up this lean belly breakthrough review is a treat, not least because Bruce Khan’s credentials are rock solid. This is the same guy that got international performing artist, Nelly Furtado into shape. But aside from that we believe the program stands very well on its own. The guides are comprehensive and very well researched. The focus of the program also gets good points; each guide sticking to the target audience of over 50s. So, from the point of view of your average 50+ year old looking to whip themselves into shape, this is a good program. Get it here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

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