Koch-backed group predicts former Democrats will back Haley in New Hampshire

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Nikki Haley’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is betting on undeclared and former Democrat voters to achieve success in the New Hampshire primary. 

Greg Moore, a senior advisor for Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), which backs Ms. Haley, predicts a significant turnout in the primary, exceeding the number of registered Republicans. 

Role of undeclared voters and Trump’s Iowa victory

“That’s like 40% of the registered voters are going to come out and vote in a Republican primary. And that’s just a bonkers number if you think about it,” Mr. Moore said.

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Moore believes undeclared voters will play a crucial role, especially given the lack of competition in the Democratic primary. 

With President Joe Biden not facing a serious challenger, these voters might opt for the Republican ballot. 

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Iowa win for Trump sets stage for crucial New Hampshire GOP primary

In contrast, former President Donald Trump secured a convincing win in the Iowa caucuses, taking more than 50% of the votes. 

The focus now shifts to New Hampshire, where the higher voter turnout is seen as a better indicator of a candidate’s nationwide appeal.

Moore is confident that a victory for Ms. Haley in New Hampshire would boost her presidential campaign, demonstrating her appeal in a broader electorate. 

Haley’s cross-party appeal targets Trump in GOP primary

“Her ability to pull from that in a purple state demonstrates the strength that she has in a general election,” he added. This strategy relies on attracting voters beyond the traditional Republican base.

There’s a concerted effort among some former Democrats to vote for Haley in the GOP primary, aiming to prevent Trump from receiving the nomination. 

David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, suggested this could be a tactic to thwart Trump’s 2024 presidential ambitions. 

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Jamie Dimon supports Haley; Trump slams ‘temporary Republican’ strategy

Additionally, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon publicly expressed his support for Haley, viewing her as a stronger candidate than Trump.

Trump, addressing these tactics at a rally in Manchester, criticized the idea of turning liberal voters into temporary Republicans.

“They want to turn liberal voters into Republicans for about 10 minutes while they vote, and then go back to being liberal voters in the Democrat vote,” he remarked, highlighting the strategic voting plans against him.

AFP action opposes Trump’s 2024 bid; Trump criticizes Kochs as ‘globalist’

AFP Action, founded by the Koch brothers, has emerged as a significant player in opposing Trump’s nomination. 

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Despite staying out of the previous two presidential elections, the organization has declared Trump ill-equipped to defeat Biden in 2024. 

Trump, in response, has labeled the Koch brothers as “globalist,” accusing them of opposing strong borders and powerful trade policies.

Haley’s crucial test in New Hampshire primary against Trump and AFP

The New Hampshire primary, with its blend of undeclared and potentially former Democrat voters, presents a unique challenge and opportunity for Haley. 

The outcome will likely shape the trajectory of the GOP race, particularly as Trump maintains his lead in polls but faces opposition from well-funded political organizations like AFP Action.

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