Kid Rock expresses unwavering bond with Trump, says, ‘he wasn’t put in office to talk nice’

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Kid Rock, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, recently opened up about his bond with the former president in an interview with Tucker Carlson, praising Trump as the “toughest son of a [expletive] I know.”

The musician has been vocal in supporting Trump since the 2016 election and has been seen with him at various events. As Trump gears up for another presidential run, Rock hailed him as “the greatest president” the U.S. has “ever had.”

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Kid Rock expresses fondness for Trump, lauds his candidness and achievements

In his interview on the Tucker Carlson Network, Rock recounted his experiences with Trump, saying, “I love spending time with him, getting to know him, since he became president the first few months, having dinner at the White House with him and from there on we’ve just really hit it off. I can relate to him in a lot of ways.”

He lauded Trump’s candidness and achievements, stating, “If you look at [Trump’s] track record and who he is as a whole, there’s a lot more good there than anything.”

Rock further commented on Trump’s presidency, asserting the country was thriving under his leadership and controversially attributing any negative perceptions of Trump to women’s reactions to his demeanor.

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Kid Rock praises Trump’s accomplishments as president

“I don’t know how you look at his track record and how he had this country firing on all cylinders when he was in office, everybody working, military’s the strongest, he’s leading with strength, borders under control, energy independent, you can go on and on,” Rock said.

He added, “I don’t get it… Seems like it’s a lot of women in my life who…are like, ‘I don’t like the way he talks.’ It’s like, ‘Come on, you’re not putting him in the office to hear him talk nice.’ How many years have we had of that?'”

Trump attracts more female support in Kentucky GOP primary poll shows

A poll by Emerson College in Kentucky showed Trump as a favorite for the 2024 Republican nomination, leading over Ron DeSantis.

Interestingly, the poll was conducted after Trump was found liable in a sexual abuse case involving E. Jean Carroll.

Notably, Trump received more support from female voters in the Kentucky GOP primary than from males, with 52.3 percent female support compared to 47.2 percent male.

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Trump retains strong ‘female voter base’ despite sexual assault charges

Despite accusations of sexual assault by multiple women, which Trump denies, and the infamous Access Hollywood tape, Trump’s female voter base remains strong.

His vote share among women in the 2020 election increased from 2016, rising from 39 percent to 44 percent, as reported by the Pew Research Center.

Regarding Trump’s legal challenges, including a fraud lawsuit in New York, Rock observed that Trump remains unfazed.

Kid Rock comments on Trump’s unwavering enthusiasm for America

“When we’re golfing, when we’re hanging out in different scenarios here and there, his spirits are always up, and he’s always talking about this country and how he wants to win for it,” he said.

Rock expressed his unwavering support for Trump, stating, “Somebody that’s in that office, in any office, that wants to win for this country, I’m in.”

He concluded, “Is he [expletive] off? Sure. I don’t want to speak out of school, but who’s not gonna hem and haw a little bit about the people that are doing this to him, these people in New York? It’s a freaking joke.”

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