Karine Jean-Pierre walks out of White House press briefing while being questioned by Reporter

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s interaction with African reporter Simon Ateba during Thursday’s press briefing has once again stirred controversy.

Ateba, from Today News Africa, raised concerns about not being called upon to ask a question, leading to a heated exchange between him and Jean-Pierre.

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Latest clash: Ateba’s accusations against the White House

This incident marks the latest clash between the two, following Ateba’s allegations of discrimination against the White House in June for not allowing him to ask questions during briefings.

Ateba attempted to ask a follow-up question related to Angola after National Security Council spokesman John Kirby answered another reporter’s query about Angolan President João Manuel Gonççalves Lourenço’s visit to the White House.

Ateba’s frustration over being ignored during question recognition

However, Jean-Pierre, who was responsible for recognizing reporters to ask questions, ignored Ateba and turned to another journalist.

Ateba expressed his surprise and frustration at not being given the opportunity to ask his question, given the context of an African leader’s visit.

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Escalating tensions Lead to Abrupt End of Press Briefing

Tensions escalated as Ateba protested the situation, prompting Jean-Pierre to threaten to end the briefing.

Despite the protestations, Jean-Pierre gathered her notes and walked away from the podium, abruptly ending the press briefing.

Ateba’s encounter with Jean-Pierre: A repeated pattern of tension

The incident left reporters and observers taken aback, and some reporters attempted to continue with questions, but Jean-Pierre firmly declined, reiterating her thanks.

This encounter is not the first of its kind. Earlier this year, Ateba clashed with Jean-Pierre during a press briefing, leading to heated exchanges and threats to revoke his press privileges.

White House rebukes Ateba: Reigniting tensions in press briefings

The White House addressed Ateba directly in a letter, admonishing him for his behavior during briefings.

The recent incident has reignited tensions between Jean-Pierre and Ateba, highlighting ongoing issues regarding access and fairness in White House press briefings.

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