Jean Carroll’s lawyer claims Trump falsely portrayed need for trial delay

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In the ongoing legal battle between writer E. Jean Carroll and former President Donald Trump, the dynamics have taken a contentious turn. 

Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, has raised concerns over Trump’s request to delay the trial concerning the $10 million in defamation damages sought by Carroll.

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Kaplan points out contradictions in Trump’s adjournment request to judge

Kaplan, addressing U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, highlighted inconsistencies in Trump’s team’s rationale for adjournment. 

The former president’s legal team had requested a one-week delay due to Trump attending the funeral of Melania Trump’s mother. 

However, Kaplan wrote in the letter that Trump’s legal team said the former president could not attend the trial on Jan. 17 because he would be “traveling with family.”

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Campaign schedule conflicts with adjournment request

The plot thickened as Kaplan pointed out Trump’s simultaneous campaign commitments. 

Carroll’s attorney noted that Trump’s campaign had scheduled an event featuring the former president on Jan. 17 in New Hampshire. 

Kaplan’s letter to the court underscored this discrepancy: “There was no mention made of any scheduling conflict in connection with Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign,” Kaplan wrote. 

“It has come to our attention, however, that a campaign event featuring Mr. Trump has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, in New Hampshire.”

Kaplan’s letter questions Trump’s legal team’s commitment to court rulings

Kaplan’s letter further emphasized the significance of this information, considering the legal team’s previous commitments to the court. 

“We bring this to the Court’s attention because the same counsel who made representations about Mr. Trump’s availability on Wednesday are making filings today and tomorrow addressing their willingness to comply with the Court’s evidentiary rulings and other orders,” the letter states.

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Trump’s commitment to attend trials and Judge’s decision

Trump had previously declared his intention to personally attend all his upcoming legal trials, including the one with Carroll starting Tuesday. 

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Following the death of his mother-in-law, Trump’s legal team sought a delay, with Trump’s attorney Alina Habba writing to the judge: “Accordingly, President Trump, who plans to attend his trial, will not be able to be present on Wednesday and Thursday as he will be traveling to be with his family and be attending the funeral.”

“Given that this is one of life’s sad, unexpected realities, President Trump would greatly appreciate this minor accommodation during this difficult time.”

Judge denies trial delay, Trump criticizes decision on social media

Despite these developments, Judge Kaplan denied the motion to adjourn the trial for one week. 

Trump responded to this decision with a post on Truth Social, criticizing the judge: “Lewis Kaplan, the terrible, biased, irrationally angry Clinton-appointed Judge in the Bergdorf’s Hoax, refused to postpone the sham trial next week, even in light of the funeral of my beloved Mother-in-law.“

“This Judge has been ruthlessly unfair from the first day of Crooked Joe Biden’s Election Interfering Witch Hunt,” he wrote.

Carroll’s attorney highlights Trump’s inconsistent statements 

Carroll’s lawyer also pointed out discrepancies in Trump’s public statements. 

A separate post by Trump on Truth Social was mentioned in the letter, highlighting false claims about the adjournment request.

The backdrop of these legal maneuvers includes the scheduled funeral for Amalija Knavs on Jan. 18 in Florida and Trump’s campaign event in Portsmouth, N.H., on Jan. 17. 

The trial’s outcome will determine the defamation damages owed by Trump after a jury concluded last year that he sexually abused Carroll.

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