Jean Carroll lambasted for bragging about spending Trump’s money

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Jean Carroll, the plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit against former President Trump, has recently caused a stir with her comments on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” 

Her remarks, which some viewed as undermining the seriousness of her case, have ignited a wave of criticism. 

Carroll’s plans for $83.3 million award stir controversy on MSNBC

E. Jean Carroll testifies during defamation trial with Trump, for first  time, in the courtroom | CBC News
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This comes in the wake of a federal jury’s decision last week to award Carroll $83.3 million in damages for Trump’s denial of her sexual assault allegations from the 1990s.

While appearing on MSNBC, Carroll responded enthusiastically to Maddow’s question about her plans for the awarded money, initially intended to support women’s rights.

“Yes, Rachel! Yes! I had such, such great ideas for all the good I’m gonna do with this money,” she said. 

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Carroll’s spending joke sparks criticism amid serious case context

Carroll’s lighthearted suggestions for lavish spending, including a shopping spree, a motorcycle, a new fishing rod, and even offering Maddow a penthouse, were met with laughter and an awkward clarification from her attorney, Shawn Crowley, that it was a joke. 

However, the clip’s virality has led to widespread criticism, with many arguing that Carroll’s humor detracted from the gravity of her case and the broader issue of sexual assault.

Media and public figures react to Carroll’s comments

The reaction to Carroll’s comments has been swift and critical across various platforms. Fox News contributor Joe Concha remarked, “If you needed any more proof this whole suit and verdict was a crock, here it is.” 

Clay Travis of Outkick and Paula Scanlan of the Independent Women’s Forum also expressed their disapproval, with Scanlan highlighting how such remarks can negatively affect the perception of real assault survivors. 

Critics slam Carroll’s comments as ‘unhinged’ in Maddow interview

The Spectator’s Stephen Miller labeled Carroll “a nutball.” At the same time, radio host Rob O’Donnell, drawing on his experience in law enforcement and special victims cases, questioned the mindset reflected in Carroll’s comments. 

Conservative commentator Steve Guest criticized her for being “unhinged” in response to a question served up by Maddow.

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Legal background and Carroll’s ongoing lawsuit

Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump stems from his 2019 comments vehemently denying her rape allegations. Last year, a federal jury in New York City found Trump not liable for rape but liable for sexual abuse and defamation, resulting in a $5 million judgment against him. 

Carroll’s recent media appearances, including on CNN, have included further jokes about the money, though she clarified her intent to use the funds responsibly. 

Carroll’s joke on Trump Tower and plans for award money

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“We talk about it a lot. We will do good with that money. We are going to do — Trump has suggested we turn Trump Tower into an animal sanctuary, for instance. 

That was a joke. That was a joke,” she stated, reiterating her commitment to not wasting any awarded money and mentioning potential plans in the works.

Debate on humor in legal proceedings sparked by Carroll’s comments

Carroll’s comments have opened a debate about the intersection of humor and the serious nature of legal proceedings, especially in cases involving sexual assault allegations. 

The responses from various media and public figures reflect a broader societal conversation about the implications of such high-profile cases and the ways in which they are publicly discussed and perceived.

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