Israeli military says Hamas war will last all through 2024

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As Israel approaches the three-month mark in its conflict with Hamas in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that the war is far from over. 

The militant group Hamas initiated an unprecedented and deadly attack on Israel on October 7, leading to thousands of Palestinian casualties and millions displaced due to Israeli attacks targeting Hamas.

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Netanyahu’s determination and extended offensive

Prime Minister Netanyahu, expressing his commitment to dismantling Hamas, declared that the conflict would persist for “many more months.” 

This resolve comes as Israel expands its offensive in Gaza, aiming to deal a decisive blow to the militant group.

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IDF expects prolonged Israel-Hamas conflict in 2024

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari outlined the military’s expectations, stating that the Israel-Hamas war would extend throughout 2024. 

Hagari emphasized that the war’s objectives necessitate prolonged fighting, requiring strategic adaptations to address diverse characteristics and operational needs in different areas of the Gaza Strip.

IDF’s adaptive approach for prolonged Gaza conflict in 2024

Hagari stated, “We adapt our way of warfare and the forces required for each area in the Gaza Strip to carry out the mission in the best way.” 

These adaptations are designed to ensure planning and preparation for the continuation of the conflict in 2024, as the IDF anticipates additional tasks and warfare throughout the year.

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Human cost and rising tensions in the Middle East

The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry reported a staggering toll, with over 20,000 Palestinians losing their lives since the war’s onset. 

Notably, the ministry does not distinguish between civilian and combatant deaths, raising concerns about the humanitarian impact of the prolonged conflict.

Israel-Hamas conflict spills beyond borders

The Israel-Hamas conflict has not only escalated tensions within the region but has also triggered repercussions beyond its borders. 

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In the Middle East, U.S. military forces have engaged with Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, responding to their targeting of merchant ships. 

Recent incidents include Navy helicopters sinking three small Houthi boats in the Red Sea after an attack on a container ship.

A long road ahead for peace in the Middle East 

As the Israeli military anticipates an extended conflict with Hamas throughout 2024, the toll on human lives continues to mount. 

The geopolitical repercussions reverberate beyond the immediate conflict zone, underscoring the complexity of addressing regional tensions. 

The coming months will likely witness continued efforts to navigate a path toward peace in a volatile and challenging environment.

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