Hunter Biden’s partner says payments from China were delayed until Joe Biden left office 

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By Victoria Mangelli

In a recent development, Rob Walker, a former associate of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, provided crucial testimony to Congress. 

Walker informed members that the Biden family did not receive payments from China during the Obama administration. 

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Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings began post-VP Biden’s tenure

Hunter Biden and his associates’ engagement with CEFC, a Chinese firm, began in 2015, but financial transactions only commenced after January 2017, post-President Biden’s vice-presidential tenure.

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Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), shared insights from Walker’s testimony. 

“Today’s interview confirmed Hunter Biden and his associates’ work with the Chinese government-linked energy company began over a year before Joe Biden left the vice presidency, but the Bidens and their associates held off being paid by the Chinese while Joe Biden was in office,” Comer stated. 

Testimony confirms Biden’s non-involvement in business dealings

This revelation places the financial dealings squarely after President Biden’s vice-presidential term.

Walker’s testimony, conducted behind closed doors, was not immediately accessible, but in his opening statement, he emphasized his pursuit of “legitimate business” with Hunter Biden and explicitly stated President Biden’s non-involvement: “Hunter made sure there was always a clear boundary between any business and his father,” Walker said. 

This assertion was echoed by the White House and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who emphasized President Biden’s non-involvement and lack of profit from these dealings. 

House GOP’s impeachment inquiry probes Biden’s associates 

The House Republicans, as part of an impeachment inquiry, are interviewing former associates of Mr. Biden, including Walker. 

However, President Biden has not been questioned in this probe. The investigation focuses on the nature and extent of the Biden family’s business dealings, particularly with foreign entities.

Walker disclosed in 2020 to FBI agents about President Biden’s alleged brief appearance at a lunch with Chinese businessmen, as well as meetings with CEFC officials while still in office. 

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Post-Obama era: Chinese firm’s $3 million payment to Bidens under scrutiny

Comer referenced these allegations, stating, “Shortly after the Obama administration ended, a Chinese company paid Mr. Biden and associates $3 million ‘as a ‘thank you’ for the work they did while Joe Biden was in office.” 

This payment, according to records, was made by State Energy HK Limited, linked to CEFC, in March 2017.

The funds from this deal, totaling $3 million, were distributed among various Biden family members. Approximately $1 million was transferred to accounts owned by Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden, Hunter’s sister-in-law. 

Scrutiny over Biden family’s financial transfers and legal defenses

Some of this money was then sent to President Biden’s brother, with a portion labeled as a loan repayment. Republicans have highlighted these transactions as indicative of “swampy influence peddling.”

The White House and the president’s brother’s attorney have defended these transfers as legal. 

Moreover, Devon Archer, another former associate of Mr. Biden, testified in 2023 about President Biden’s presence in calls and meetings with foreign business persons. However, he maintained that business was not discussed in President Biden’s presence.

Controversial references in communication

In messages by Tony Bobulinski, another former associate, made public by the group Marco Polo, Hunter Biden referred to his father as “chairman” and mentioned a “big guy” in a business proposal, which Bobulinski interpreted as referring to President Biden. 

These communications have added layers of complexity to the ongoing investigations.

Investigation continues into Biden family’s business activities

As the inquiry progresses, the focus remains on the nature of the Biden family’s business dealings and the extent of the former Vice President’s knowledge or involvement. 

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With the release of a transcript of Walker’s interview expected, further details may come to light, shaping the narrative of this politically charged investigation.

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