Host illegal immigrants in your homes, Illinois City councilman suggests

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A councilman from Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, has proposed a unique approach to address the ongoing immigration crisis. 

Councilman Josh McBroom believes that some members of his affluent and compassionate community should consider opening their homes to accommodate illegal immigrants arriving in the Chicago area.

Naperville councilman’s proposal to aid asylum seekers

During a recent City Council meeting in Naperville, Illinois, Councilman McBroom presented his idea, emphasizing that Naperville is known for its affluence and compassion. 

He argued that the city should explore community-based solutions rather than relying solely on taxpayer dollars to address the surge of illegal immigrants.

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Mr. McBroom acknowledged that many constituents have expressed a desire to help illegal immigrants seeking asylum in nearby Chicago, often referred to as a sanctuary city. 

He proposed the creation of a sign-up sheet for individuals willing to house migrant families, harnessing the generosity of those in his community.

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Initial backing for McBroom’s plan comes with practicality concerns

Several council members, including Nate Wilson, Paul Leong, and Jennifer Bruzan Taylor, supported Councilman McBroom’s proposal. 

Although no formal vote was taken during the meeting, the idea may undergo further discussion at a future council meeting after careful consideration.

While the concept is noble, one council member estimated that implementing McBroom’s plan would require significant city staff time. 

This suggests the need for a thorough evaluation of the practicalities involved in executing such a community-driven initiative.

Naperville council considers resident hosting system

The Naperville City Council has asked staff to prepare an agenda item for consideration. 

This item would allow the council to discuss the possibility of creating a sign-up system for residents interested in hosting migrants. However, no final decisions or actions have been taken regarding the proposal.

Since August 2022, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has transported over 31,100 migrants to the Chicago area as part of “Operation Lonestar.” 

This multi-agency effort aims to deter illegal crossings and combat human smuggling along the border.

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Naperville faces direct immigration impact

Since January 17, six buses carrying migrants have stopped at Naperville’s downtown Metra station since December 21, 2023. 

This indicates the direct impact of immigration-related activities on the city.

Credit: NBC news

Councilman McBroom’s idea comes from Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s call for increased federal support to address the immigration crisis. 

Mayor Johnson emphasized the challenges faced by the city in housing thousands of illegal immigrants and children within its public school system.

Pritzker urges federal help, McBroom suggests local solution for migrants

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has also called upon the Biden administration to provide more assistance in managing the influx of migrants. 

He highlighted the strain on resources and the need for federal intervention to alleviate the situation.

In this challenging environment, Councilman Josh McBroom’s proposal represents an innovative community-based approach to addressing the immigration crisis, showcasing the compassion and willingness to help within his Naperville community.

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