Hollywood brings out big guns for Biden fundraiser

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As the 2024 presidential race approaches, Hollywood is showing its support for President Joe Biden through a major fundraising event despite his waning popularity.

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Hollywood stars rally around President Biden

Renowned figures like Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner, and Shonda Rhimes are reportedly at the forefront of this effort, hosting a significant fundraiser in Los Angeles on December 8.

This event is pivotal as it marks the first major Hollywood fundraiser for President Biden following the writer’s and actors’ strikes.

“Deadline first reported that other co-hosts will include former Paramount boss Jim Gianopulos and mega-producer Peter Chernin,” highlighting the involvement of influential players in the entertainment industry.

Ticket prices go as high as $500,000

The gathering is expected to draw substantial financial backing, with ticket prices reaching up to $500,000 and a $25,000 contribution offering access to a photo line.

This initiative comes at a time when President Biden’s approval ratings are experiencing a notable decline. Hollywood’s efforts to boost his campaign underscore the industry’s ongoing commitment to the Democratic establishment.

Harris and Husband participated in a fundraiser earlier this week

In a separate but related effort, Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, participated in a fundraiser earlier this week.

The event raised $500,000 for the Biden Victory Fund and was held at the home of attorney Cliff Gilbert-Lurie and Leslie Gilbert-Lurie, according to Deadline. This underscores the continued high-level fundraising activities supporting the Biden administration.

Public concerns over ‘Bidenomics’ remain

However, President Biden faces significant challenges, particularly with the public’s growing concerns over inflation and its impact on essential goods.

“As Breitbart News reported, a recent NBC News poll showed only 40 percent of voters approved of Biden, while 57 percent disapproved, marking his worse approval and disapproval numbers since becoming president.”

These figures indicate a pressing need for the President to regain public confidence.

Moreover, Biden’s approach to certain international issues has led to dissatisfaction, particularly among younger voters. “As Breitbart News reported, among individuals aged 18 to 34, only 20 percent approve, while 70 percent disapprove.”

This demographic, crucial for any political campaign, presents a significant challenge for Biden’s team.

As in 2020, Hollywood rallies behind Biden

Reflecting on the 2020 elections, the support from Hollywood was evident, with major figures contributing to Biden’s campaign. The upcoming election sees a similar pattern, with notable personalities rallying behind the President.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, a key figure in the entertainment industry, is spearheading Biden’s re-election efforts, emphasizing his commitment to providing substantial resources for the campaign.

In conclusion, Hollywood’s engagement in President Biden’s re-election campaign demonstrates its continued influence in political fundraising.

Amidst challenges and declining approval ratings, these efforts represent a significant push to support the Democratic leadership as the 2024 election looms.

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