James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession Review – Will You Get Your Man?

In 2018 a woman can no longer take for granted that getting a guy is going to be easy. This is why millions of women are now looking for help, from men. James Bauer says he can help you if you are a woman struggling to figure out guys. Scam? We decided to find out and this is our His Secret Obsession Review.

His Secret Obsession Review – James Bauer, or Bond?His-secret-Obsession-Scam

Let’s be upfront about one thing. When we first came across this program we were a bit skeptical. Our biggest problem was accepting that a woman needs to understand a lot of psychology to attract and keep a man. Guys are simple creatures! Or so we thought!

James Bauer seems to understand the nuances of how guys work and we have to tell you, he’s spot on. But where James really shines is not so much about his understanding of men, but women. The guy must have been on a lot of dates because he is brilliant at dissecting the female mind. This, we believe his the secret behind the power of His Secret Obsession.

James has built a program that caters to the woman of the 21st century. The busy, empowered woman who knows what she wants, and wants it now. But most of all, His Secret Obsession seems to have been engineered from the ground up. It has been engineered to help women get to the bottom of men’s desires.

His Secret Obsession Review– The Nagging Concerns

James Bauer seems to have a very good grasp of the emotional side of things, especially as it relates to men and women.

It is clear from the sophisticated nature of the program that James was looking to help women, put to rest certain key concerns.

Concerns like:

Is my man losing interest in me?

Does my man constantly think about other women?

What if I don’t have sex with him regularly, will he leave me?

Does my man constantly think about his ex?

Why am I constantly losing my men to other women?

How come I keep attracting controlling, jealous men?

Why doesn’t my man respect me?

How come my man listens to his mother and his friends more than me?

How do I get my man to come off of tinder now that we are going steady?

These are just of the questions that fit the psychological profile of the woman who needs His Secret Obsession program.  The big question then is this…

his-secret-obsession-reviewHis Secret Obsession Review – How Does It all Work?

The magic of his secret obsession is the methods that it uses to get a man to do exactly what the woman wants. Gone are the days of guessing. This program puts the woman in complete control; it allows her to dominate the situation.

If a woman has been struggling to control and dominate the emotional state of her man, His Secret Obsession will change that.


The first thing the program does is teach women the triggers that help them convert liking to love. The program goes one step further. Using very powerful emotional techniques, it allows the woman, according to Bauer, to rid his mind of everything else. Based on the recommendations laid out in the program, a woman can get a man to desire only her.

Women that find men non-tactile with them are in for a treat, according to Bauer. The His Secret Obsession program reveals a little know tactic of flipping switches inside the mind of the man. This switch is flipped using 12 powerful, secret words.

His Secret Obsession Review – Power to the Woman does his secret obsession work

His secret obsession swings the pendulum of control back into the domain of the woman. In the main guide the creator reveals the secrets. There are lots of them, but the ones that stood out to us were pure genius.

Take the “Fascinating Signal” as an example. This technique shows the woman how to get the man emotionally addicted to her. She never has to worry about his wondering eyes ever again.

Another key technique shared in the program is the “Glimpse Phrase.” This technique, promises Bauer, will have him begging you for more of what you are giving him.

If those two techniques weren’t powerful enough, we were shocked when we reached the “Secret Currency.” Bauer says that this one technique can guarantee that the relationship goes in one direction. The direction you want it to go in.

His Secret Obsession ReviewHis Secret Obsession Review – Powerful Stuff, Our Final Take

James Bauer has created a really powerful guide for women. It’s bold, provocative and it flips the whole relationship genre on its head. For that level of boldness, we can’t ignore the power of His Secret Obsession. On a practical level the guide itself is well written, very clear and gives good background to the techniques. A woman keen on crawling inside the head of a man and staying there should definitely check it out.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

His Secret Obsession review

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