GOP Senators urge Republicans to unite behind Trump after New Hampshire win

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Former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the New Hampshire Republican primary, garnering widespread support that included endorsements from prominent senators. 

Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) both underscored the importance of rallying behind Trump to prevent four more years of President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Sen. Cornyn and Fischer back Trump to counter Biden’s policies

Senator Cornyn made his stance clear on social media, stating, “To beat Biden, Republicans need to unite around a single candidate, and it’s clear that President Trump is Republican voters’ choice.” 

He emphasized the need to counteract what he views as failed policies under the Biden administration, such as the border crisis and inflation.

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Sen. Fischer echoed this sentiment, declaring, “It’s time for Republicans to unite around President Donald Trump and make Joe Biden a one-term President.” 

She endorsed Trump to address critical issues like border security, economic recovery, and national safety.

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Trump triumphs in New Hampshire, making history as non-incumbent

President Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary was declared shortly after the polls closed, with 91 percent of the votes reported. 

He secured 54.6 percent of the vote, while former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley received 43.1 percent. 

This win marks a historic achievement, as Trump becomes the first non-incumbent in over 40 years to win Iowa and New Hampshire.

Despite her defeat, Nikki Haley expressed her determination to continue the race, emphasizing that it’s “far from over.”

South Carolina primary and Trump’s senatorial endorsements

South Carolina’s Republican primary, scheduled for February 24, is poised to be the next battleground. 

Recent polling by Emerson College showed Trump leading with 54 percent support, followed by Haley at 25 percent. 

Notably, this poll was conducted before several GOP candidates, including Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy, suspended their campaigns.

With endorsements from Senators Cornyn and Fischer, President Trump has amassed a total of 29 endorsements from senators. 

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More GOP figures join Trump’s endorsement wave for party unity

Rep. Brandon Williams (R-N.Y.) and Indiana Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch also joined the ranks of Trump endorsers following the New Hampshire primary results. 

They highlighted Trump’s popularity and called for Republican unity. 

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North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who previously suspended his 2024 presidential campaign, urged the Republican Party to coalesce behind Trump. 

He emphasized Trump’s ability to unite the party and lead to victory.

McCormick and Conservatives rally behind Trump for presidential run

Rep. Rich McCormick (R-Ga.), previously aligned with DeSantis’ campaign, expressed his belief that “the American people want Donald J. Trump to serve as President of the United States once again.” 

He called on conservatives nationwide to support Trump and work toward a resounding electoral victory.

As the momentum builds behind President Trump’s candidacy, the Republican Party appears to be uniting to face the upcoming electoral challenges and shape the political landscape for the future.

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