Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan endorses Nikki Haley for presidency

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Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan made a noteworthy announcement on Sunday as he officially endorsed Nikki Haley in the presidential race, just a day before the Iowa caucuses. 

This endorsement carries weight within the Republican party, and it comes at a crucial juncture in the race.

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Hogan foresees Trump’s Iowa win, backs Haley for strong November run

Hogan shared his perspective, stating that he believes it’s “pretty clear” that former President Donald Trump will likely win Iowa. 

However, he expressed his firm belief that Nikki Haley possesses the momentum needed to become a formidable nominee for the November election.

Hogan emphasized that the primary goal of this race is to nominate the strongest possible candidate for November. 

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Hogan endorses Haley, foresees strong path in primaries

In his view, Nikki Haley is the candidate who embodies this strength and potential. 

He sees a path for her to secure a “distant second” in Iowa, potentially win New Hampshire, and build momentum as she heads into her home state of South Carolina.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper to clarify whether he was endorsing Nikki Haley, Hogan left no room for doubt. 

Hogan advocates for GOP unity behind Haley

He stated, “I really did not want to see a multi-car pile-up that would just enable Donald Trump.” 

Hogan firmly believes that the party should unite behind Nikki Haley, citing polls that show her leading by 17 points against Joe Biden and being in a toss-up with Trump and Biden. 

It’s worth noting that the Haley team approached Hogan’s representative recently, requesting that he delay his endorsement until after the Iowa caucuses. 

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Hogan chooses Haley over Christie for strongest GOP November candidate

Hogan’s decision to endorse Nikki Haley reflects his confidence in her as the best candidate for November.

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Hogan also expressed his appreciation for former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s campaign efforts before Christie dropped out of the race. 

Despite considering Christie a friend, Hogan firmly believes that Nikki Haley represents the party’s best chance to field the strongest candidate for the November election.

Focus on nominating strongest Republican

Regarding his recent decision to step down from the leadership of the group No Labels, which is contemplating a third-party bid, Hogan dismissed speculation about his potential candidacy on their ticket.

His primary focus remains on urging everyone within the Republican party to rally behind Nikki Haley.

Larry Hogan’s endorsement of Nikki Haley injects a new dimension into the presidential race. 

Haley gains momentum in Iowa Caucuses with key endorsement

As the Iowa caucuses unfold, Haley’s campaign gains momentum with this influential endorsement. 

The upcoming primaries and caucuses will determine whether Nikki Haley can maintain this momentum and become a strong contender for the Republican nomination in November.

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