Fat Burning Fingerprint Review – Is Gary Watson the Real Deal?


Can eating a single fat-flushing fruit before bed help you to shed 61 pounds of fat? That’s the bold headline for Fat Burning Fingerprint, a radical new product from a man called Gary Watson. Our interest was piqued so we decided to conduct our own research. What you are about to read in our fat burning fingerprint review are our findings.

Fat Burning Finger Print Review – Who Is the Product Creator, Gary Watson?Gary Watson Fat Burning Fingerprint

The fat burning fingerprint product is the creation of a man called Gary Watson. Research shows that Gary is a 25 year veteran in the fitness space. He is a degree-qualified kinesiologist, having earned his degree from the University of Illinois. Gary has also done the media rounds, appearing on many big networks. He’s been on CBS, NBC, and Fox. Based on what we’ve been able to find on the internet, the creator seems to have very solid credentials behind him. The next port of call then is the product…

Fat Burning Fingerprint Review – The Premise

Fat burning fingerprint is based on science and is targeted at men and women over 40. The premise is that weight loss is not something that can be managed with a one-size fits all approach. This is why the program’s creator came up with the fingerprint angle.

It works like this.

Each fingerprint, there are three of them, corresponds to a certain type of metabolism. Each metabolism type requires a specific set of rules and guidelines for losing weight. As a result the program is split across three main sections.

fat burning fingerprint reviewFat Burning Fingerprint Review – The Metabolic Breakdown

The first division of the Fat Burning Fingerprint program targets people characterized as Fast Oxidant Dominant. These are the people who have strong appetites; the sort of people that binge eat all day long and stack up on the wrong foods. If there are lots of fatty, salty foods in your diet, there’s a good chance you’d fall into this category. The section of the guide tailored to these people, give specific instructions and proportions for the consumption of the food. This gives the guide an air of sophistication and science, something we’ll see a lot in this fat burning fingerprint review.

The second division targets Slow Oxidant Dominant people. These are your carb lovers, or better put, your carb handlers. People designated as such under Gary Watson’s thinking are able to handle the consumption of carbohydrates better. The specific diet plan for this group is light on protein and fat, but heavy on the macro-nutrient of carbs.

The last division is your Medium Oxidant Dominant people. This is your ideal balance. And although these people are prescribed around 50% of carbs, fat and protein are much bigger parts of their diet. This brings us back round to the nature of these divisions. Based on our research the developer of the program has consulted heavily with experts. That’s the only conclusion we were able to make given the precise and scientific nature of the divisions.

Fat Burning Fingerprint Review – What You Actually Get Inside the ProgramFat-Burning-Fingerprint-Review

The packaging of the diet guides for each type is distributed over three broad guides. This is the actual guts of the program and in it, Gary lays out everything for the user.

There is the 3 Foods You Must Avoid Guide

This guide details the sort of foods that are vital to avoid if you want to maintain good health. What do advertised foods on television have to do with losing weight? This is one of the key revelations in the 15-page guide. Many people don’t think of common workaday foods as dangerous; but Gary goes onto some detail about it. The fat burning blueprint developer also understands the importance of replacing these foods. That is why we were impressed with the alternative foods recommended in the 15-page guide.

3-Week Fast Track Guide

This guide is short; but don’t let that fool you about its power. It’s 5 pages of compact, concise information and all of the content is actionable. In it Gary Watson, using the Fat Burning Fingerprint system, takes the user on a 21-day journey. This journey involves not just diet, but the mental and physical training needed to succeed. The 21-day cycle is repeatable and takes the user along a path of toxin-flush and fat-burning.

fat-burning-fingerprint-scamThe 7 Super-Fat Burning Hormones

Hormones are the great regulators in the body and can determine how much weight you put on, or lose. Gary Watson seems to have devoted a lot of time to this aspect of the program. This is good because so much of nutrition and wellness ignores the importance of hormones. In this important part of the program, Gary dishes the dirt on the health industry. But he also gives some salient advice on the importance of keeping hormonally healthy. It’s all packed into a handy 24-page manual.

Fat Burning Fingerprint – Final Verdict

In compiling this Fat Burning Fingerprint Review we took great care to analyze the components of the product. What we can confirm through studying them is that Gary Watson seems to have put a lot into the product. The scientific division outlined for the weight loss guides is one key reason we take this position. In terms of practical help, the program comes out with soundness. This is especially when compared to other guides in the marketplace. Fat Burning Fingerprint is definitely worth exploring. Check it out here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

Fat Burning Fingerprint Review


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