Edwin Castro goes underground after winning largest US Powerball jackpot, treats friends to lavish Fiji vacation

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Edwin Castro, the 31-year-old Los Angeles resident, made headlines after securing the largest US jackpot, amounting to $2.04 billion in the Powerball.

His identity remained a mystery until February, following the November 8, 2022 draw, in line with California’s lottery laws. After choosing the lump sum payment option, Castro’s fortune tallied up to $997.6 million.

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Castro’s discreet post-win actions and Fiji getaway

A close source revealed, “I noticed he did disappear for a couple of months from his social media after he won, which is smart.”

Castro’s initial steps post-win involved staying under the radar and enjoying a luxurious trip to Fiji with friends before his name hit the public domain.

During his last weeks of anonymity, Castro indulged in the pleasures of Fiji, sharing his experiences through photos on social media.

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Castro’s celebratory Fiji trip and Cloud 9 experience

In one image, he’s seen holding a large fish, humorously captioning, “Thought I might post my trip to Fiji, might delete later.”

His friends joined the celebration, with another photo showcasing them at the exclusive Cloud 9 bar, a floating oasis known for its artisanal appeal and appearance on the show “Survivor.”

Cloud 9’s website describes it as “A renowned hub for artisans, underground musicians, lovers, dreamers, and pleasure seekers from across the globe,” emphasizing it is more than just a bar but rather a unique experience.

Castro’s life adjustments, security measures after lottery win

Post-holiday, Castro began adapting to his new reality.

One of his first moves was hiring bodyguards for his family, still residing in their modest home near La Crescenta, Calif. Castro, a trained architect, and his brother Jesse, a banker, have been meticulously managing the newfound wealth.

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Castro’s public identity leads to surge in scam messages

As Castro’s identity became public, his circle encountered a barrage of spam and scam messages.

A source said, “I do remember getting spam messages from someone claiming to be him and saying he was giving away money.” The scam messages included false claims of Castro donating part of his wealth.

Castro’s journey, however, hasn’t been without its challenges. He faced a lawsuit from Jose Rivera, who claimed to be the rightful owner of the winning ticket.

California Lottery Commission stands with Castro despite Rivera’s false police report

Rivera, charged with filing a false police report, insists on his claim, though the California Lottery Commission stands firm on Castro being the legitimate winner.

Since the win, Castro’s lifestyle has seen significant changes.

Castro’s lavish purchases, strategic investments post-lottery win

He’s been spotted driving vintage sports cars and has invested in real estate, including a $25 million mansion in Hollywood Hills and a $47 million estate in Bel Air.

Additionally, he purchased a $4 million home for his parents in Altadena, featuring a Japanese-inspired design.

A source close to Castro shared, “He’s very grounded in what he does. Whatever he spends, he knows that he’s gonna make a profit on it,” reflecting his thoughtful approach to handling his windfall.

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