Eat Stop Eat Review – Should You Be Cautious?

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Over the last few weeks we’ve received several emails from people asking about the Eat Stop Eat program. A few of these inquiries have come from people who’ve become familiar with Brad Pilon thanks to another program we reviewed called Thin From Within. Having given that program a positive review, we decided to jump at the opportunity to help our readers make sense of Eat Stop Eat. Here, then, is our Eat Stop Eat review – this is what we really believe is Eat Stop Eat’s value proposition to people like you who buy his program.

Eat Stop Eat Review – What Is Intermittent FastingBrad Pilon Eat Stop Eat

Something done intermittently starts and stops, moving in the same cycle of starts and stops until a force interrupts it. In our case, the force is the human will; and it is this force that drives the Eat Stop Eat program.

The reason the program was created is that Brad Pilon noticed something weird while he was doing his degree at a Canadian university. Brad noticed that the underlying principles taught about start and stop fasting were pretty much all wrong.

The principles weren’t good for any long term weight loss benefits. They almost certainly weren’t geared to anyone looking to lose weight, build muscle, and control or maintain energy levels.

Brad took his contrarian thinking with him after he left university and went to work for a leading diet pill company. It was while there that he developed the program and transformed it into a workable program for ordinary people.

Yes, Brad clearly loves pumping iron. But don’t let that fool you; as you’ll see below, the Eat Stop Eat program is helping the average guy and gal out there.

Eat Stop Eat Review – Actual Program Components

The eat stop eat program is designed to be an anti-diet. No longer, promises Brad, do users have to count calories, hop on a scale every 2 hours, or watch themselves hopelessly in a mirror. The anti-diet system promotes fasting in a methodical and manageable way.

Before we go into the nuts and bolts of Brad’s Eat Stop Eat Program, here is a list of the benefits users derive from intermittent fasting:

Users experience improved blood lipid profiles

Does Eat Stop Eat WorkThere is an improved sensitivity to insulin

Fat loss is almost guaranteed (you aren’t eating, so the body draws upon fat storage)

Growth hormone levels are increased which in turn promotes the retention of muscle

The brain function is increased – something about fasting seems to concentrate the mind

Eat Stop Eat Review – Brad’s Genius

So now we know what intermittent fasting does, we can now look at how Brad has weaponized it against the fat in the user’s body.

The main digital book is about 190 pages. It’s a weighty book for a digital item but there is a lot that is packed in there. On page 44 for instance, there is extensive information on what fasting does to the brain. By page 59 users are getting a thorough education on the impact of fasting on the blood andeat stop eat pdf blood sugar levels.

This section is well researched and important information and it provides insights that even people worrying about diabetes can find useful. The ebook isn’t about diabetes, mind you; this fact alone shows the breadth and scope of the Eat Stop Eat package.

Eat Stop Eat isn’t discriminatory either. Although Brad is a man, he goes into great detail about how fasting affects women. This is done in a very well written 8-page exposition starting on page 140.

The main guide finishes off appropriately, with a handy list of references. This gives users a chance to fact-check, to make sure that the information they act on is sound. You’d be amazed at the number of guides out there that don’t back up their content with a good list of references.

Eat Stop Eat – Bonus Content

Brad Pilon, based on research, is a guy that believes in adding a ton of value to his products. He doesn’t just stop at giving one main guide filled with all the content. He’s added in a neat little way, two bonuses that we feel show his commitment to spreading the word about intermittent fasting. The first bonus is a 121-page guide on protein. As you know, protein is one of the most important dietary needs of the human body. But it is also misunderstood. In this bonus guide, Brad brings some sanity to the debate about protein and peels back the curtain on how eat stop eat bonuesmuch is necessary.

Brad also throws in the 10 Day Diet Solution, a short guide that comes in at around 25 pages and shows how to fix any existing diet plan. In it he shows how bad habits can be changed radically for the benefit of the user’s waistline.

Eat Stop Eat Review – Final Thoughts

We’ll say upfront that we are giving Eat Stop Eat the full five stars allowable under our rating system. The program is expertly presented, thorough, and very helpful. Brad Pilon knows his stuff and it shows. The program is digitally downloadable, which is a huge boost to anyone looking to getting stuck in right away. Check it out here.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

eat stop eat review brad pilon

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