Easy DIY Power Plan Review: Does It Really Work?


Asking yourself if Easy Power Plan delivers what it promises? Well, ask no more, because this is the one Easy Power Plan review you should read to learn the truth about it!

Easy Power Plan promises something a lot of people have only dreamed of so far: generating more power for their daily needs for a fraction of the price.

Surely, when you stumble upon a proposition such as the one made by Easy Power Plan, you might wonder if it is for real.

Well, we’re here to provide you with one of the  100% honest Easy Power Plan reviews out there. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about generating more power for less money!

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Easy Power Plan Review: What Is It?

Easy Power Plan is a power generating method invented by Ryan Taylor together with a group of mechanical engineers. When you buy the Easy Power Plan, you will gain access to the Member Area.

From here, you will learn everything you need to know to create a power generator with a few basic items you can find at any Home Depot (or similar store).

The price of these items will not go over $150, and the videos in the Easy Power Plan Member Area are very easy to follow.

All in all, the Easy Power Plan promises to deliver a dream come true: (almost) free power from a generator anyone can build.

Easy Power Plan Review

Who Is Ryan Taylor?

Ryan Taylor is a geography teacher. This might not give him much credibility as the builder of a seemingly complex device that generates power. However, his story definitely gives him a lot of credibility. 

As a father and as a husband, Ryan Taylor felt responsible for the wellbeing of his family. However, when the Mississippi River flooded the area where he lives and left his entire family without electrical power, he felt helpless.

The house was getting cold and his daughter was not feeling well, but there was nothing he could do. It was at this very low moment in his life when he decided he never wanted to depend on a power company again.

And so, he started running in-depth research about alternative power solutions available out there. Of course, he found a lot of options. The issue is that most of them were quite expensive.

Until he remembered a discussion with his uncle who was building an eel-power generator for electric cars. While his method did not work out for cars, Ryan considered it for a minute for his own home.

However, this method was dangerous for his family and it involved taking care of too many eels. What he did take away from his uncle’s idea, however, was a simple device that could generate and multiply electrical power.

Ryan then took his idea to a team of mechanical engineers and together, they devised the Easy Power Plan. After several attempts, Ryan Taylor found his much-needed solution for generating electrical power. It was a cheap, easy to build, power generator. And it did the job. It was perfect!

Soon enough, Ryan Taylor “converted” his friends and extended family to his solution — and so, the Easy Power Plan was born.

Easy Power Plan Review: How Does It Work?

The Easy Power Plan is based on a pretty straightforward principle. Basically, what you will do is build a generator with two magnets that rotate to generate power. As they do this, they fuel the device to generate more power too, in a “Perpetuum mobile” type of process.

Once you build the Easy Power Plan, you will need a bit of startup power to get it to run. After that, however, it will function on its own and supply your house with electricity.

Setting up the machine is very easy. Remember, this was built by a geography teacher and he wanted the tool to be accessible to everyone like him.

Furthermore, you will need very little investment to get this up and running. As mentioned before, you will most likely spend less than $150 at any Home Depot to get all the tools you need.

What you will do, in essence, is set up a group of diodes. They will create a magnetic field (using a control board). This magnetic field will be set in a rotating motion and they will start generating power from their rotation. This way, the generator will multiply the energy for as much as 6 times the initial power “fed” into it.

This process of multiplying power is called “Overunity”. What it means is that the machine can just increase the current flow without losing power. This will help you generate more energy in your household and cut your power bills considerably.

Easy Power Plan

What’s Included With Easy Power Plan?

Once you buy the Easy Power Plan, you will gain access to the Member Area. Here, you will be provided with:

  • HD videos with all the instructions you need to build the generator
  • The Main Manual with all the info you need to build the generator (including blueprints and step by step instructions)
  • List of items you need to build the generator:
  • Alternator
  • Quality bearing
  • Magnetic sensors
  • And a 12V of battery
  • Access to 24/7 Customer Support to help you with whatever questions you might have

In addition to the Easy Power Plan “basics” you will also get FREE access to a series of books worth $79:

  • Saving Power, Saving the World
  • Money Saving Tips for Families
  • 15 Top Ways to Save Money
  • Go Green, Save Green at the Same Time
  • How to Be Environmentally Friendly

All these eBooks are included in the price of Easy Power Plan (access to the Member Area), and together, they come at the staggering price of $49. That’s a very good deal, especially considering how much this solution can save you in the long run.

The Easy Power Plan is available at a super special price for a limited time. Get it NOW! 


Easy Power Plan bonuses

Who Is Easy Power Plan For?

Essentially, the Easy Power Plan is for everyone:

  • for the father who wants to make sure his family is comfortable and protected at all time
  • for the family who wants to save big bucks on their electricity bill
  • for those of you who want to be more environmentally friendly

Anyone can follow the simple steps provided in the Member Area on the Easy Power Plan. Regardless of whether you’re a teacher, a mechanical engineer, or someone who works in retail, you can use this system to build your own power generator.

Neat, right?

Easy Power Plan Review: Pros

There are A LOT of advantages to using the Easy Power Plan. Some of the most powerful ones include the following:

  • You can buy it and build it on a very small budget. Most other alternative power sources will cost A LOT more than what Easy Power Plan proposes.
  • The system is extremely easy to install
  • When you want to dismantle the machine, this will be very easy to do too
  • When you buy the plan, you get online support 24/7, so all your questions will be addressed
  • The plan offers you information both as an eBook (or PDF) and as a series of videos
  • All the mechanisms behind this system are very easy to understand
  • You can considerably reduce the electricity bill as soon as ONE MONTH after the installation
  • The machine doesn’t need any kind of gas or oil to run
  • As a result, the machine does not release any kind of poisonous gas like other generators do
  • You have a complete 60 day money back guarantee you can access if you don’t like the system
  • You will also get free eBooks to help you on your journey to being environmentally friendly and saving money
  • The system is very safe to use and it can last for a very long time
  • You can easily “move” this generator anywhere you need

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Easy Power Plan Review: Cons

Frankly, there are not a lot of disadvantages to using the Easy Power Plan. However, you should take note of the following:

  • You should make sure the machine is in a safe place and that kids and animals can’t reach it. This will help you keep everyone in your household safe and secure.
  • You will need a very small amount of energy to start the energy (so you might need to have a battery in handy, or any other power source)
  • The Easy Power Plan is not available in hard copy. However, it will be much easier to follow the instructions in video and digital format anyway, so this should really not be a major disadvantage.

Overall, though, the disadvantages of using the Easy Power Plan far outweigh the advantages (especially when you think that this is a clean, independent, and cheap source of power for your household).

Is Easy Power Plan a Scam

No, this is not a scam, not in any way.

This has been tested by thousands and thousands of people and they can attest to the functionality of Easy Power Plan.

Moreover, you have a 60 day money back guarantee you can get if you are not happy with the program.

All in all, for less than $50, the Easy Power Plan promises a lot — and delivers, for certain. And if you’re just not happy with it, you can simply ask for a full refund in under two months. Their money back guarantee proves this is definitely not a scam!

Easy Power Plan money back guarantee

Easy Power Plan Review: Final Thoughts

As a conclusion, the Easy Power Plan is a very good solution for pretty much everyone who wants to generate power in their home AND save money in the process.

It is a program that is easy to follow by just about anyone. You don’t need to be an engineer to follow the simple steps described in the Easy Power Plan.

It also comes at a very small cost. For $50 (and the price of the tools and equipment, valued at less than $150), you can save thousands of dollars.

Most importantly, though, this program allows you to create power and never depend on the power company ever again. This means more comfort for you and your family. It also means a cleaner environment — and that is truly pricesless.

Ready? Get Started With The Easy Power Plan Today!

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