Dr. Phil bashes Ivy Leagues, calls them ‘liberal, woke hotbeds’

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Dr. Phil McGraw, a widely recognized Christian TV personality and mental health professional, has recently expressed strong criticism towards American universities, describing them as “liberal, woke hotbeds” that prioritize intellectual over critical thinking.

In a video filmed at the new Trinity Broadcasting Network studio in Dallas, McGraw condemned the testimonies of Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania leaders before Congress, where they displayed what he referred to as “sickening smugness” and “an arrogance and dismissiveness seldom seen in that forum.”

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McGraw challenges University Presidents on genocide policy clarification

The controversy centers around a discussion with Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York regarding violating policies against bullying and harassment.

McGraw clarified, “To be 100% clear, using the dictionary definition of genocide, the question becomes, does calling for the deliberate killing of a large number of Jews with the aim of destroying the Jewish ethnic group and the nation of Israel violate your policy against bullying and harassment?” 

He criticized Claudine Gay of Harvard, Liz Magill of the University of Pennsylvania, and Sally Kornbluth of MIT for evading this question, noting Magill’s subsequent resignation.

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Dr. Phil questions the need for context in protecting students

Best known for his long-running show, “Dr. Phil,” McGraw also addressed other hypothetical scenarios involving different groups.

“How much context would be required if the student organizations were demonstrating in support of genocide of all Asians, Catholics, blacks, or gays?” he questioned. “I’ll tell you how much: none. And you know what? There should be none. All of these groups deserve protection and the right to attend school without fear, and so do the Jewish students.”

McGraw shared his reaction to an IDF video showing Hamas terrorists committing atrocities against Israeli civilians.

Dr. Phil denounces horrific crimes done by Hamas terrorists, calls for accountability

“The sexual assaults perpetrated on the women and girls were so sick and twisted as to defy explanation,” he said. “I was so sickened by video images I can never unsee what was done to babies in cribs and young girls begging for their lives. I am changed forevermore.”

He accused the university presidents of succumbing to terror, emphasizing the trauma experienced by Jewish students on campuses during anti-Israel demonstrations.

He cited examples of student groups, such as Students for Justice in Palestine, placing blame on Israel for the October 7 massacre and mentioned instances at George Washington University and Cooper Union College that negatively impacted Orthodox Jewish students.

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Dr. Phil expresses solidarity with Jewish community, offers prayers for hostages

In a poignant moment, McGraw expressed solidarity with the Jewish community, saying, “I love and stand with my Jewish brothers and sisters.” He then lit orange Hanukkah candles in honor of Ariel and Kfri Bibas, two children trapped in Gaza, offering a prayer for the hostages.

“This menorah is a reminder that light always prevails over darkness and good over evil as an American,” McGraw concluded.

In a separate video released last month, McGraw criticized American universities and colleges for eroding the country’s moral compass.

Dr. Phil McGraw expresses concerns about American higher education

He questioned the collective rationality of university staff and students, who he claimed indulged in and supported student organizations celebrating Hamas’ actions on October 7.

This series of statements by McGraw underscores his deep concerns about the current state of American higher education, particularly regarding its handling of complex and sensitive political issues.

His remarks highlight the tension between academic freedom and moral accountability, especially in international conflicts and their impact on campus life.

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