Donald Trump Jr. pledges to go to ‘great lengths’ to stop Haley as VP in 2024

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Donald Trump Jr. recently voiced vehement opposition to the prospect of Nikki Haley becoming his father’s running mate in the 2024 presidential election, pledging to go to “great lengths” to prevent it. 

This development follows critical comments made by Ms. Haley about former President Donald Trump, which stirred controversy and triggered strong reactions within the GOP.

Nikki Haley garners support from Silicon Valley
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Trump Jr. firmly rejects Haley as potential VP in 2024

In a December 25 interview with Newsmax, Trump Jr. asserted, “I wouldn’t have her” as the vice-presidential candidate alongside his father if he secures the GOP nomination in 2024. 

He declared his intention to prevent such a scenario, emphasizing his strong disapproval.

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Haley’s critical comments about Donal Trump 

The statement from Trump Jr. came in response to video footage played by the outlet featuring Nikki Haley making critical remarks about President Trump during an interview with ABC News Live Prime anchor Linsey Davis. 

Ms. Haley expressed doubts about Trump’s suitability for the presidency, stating, “Donald Trump brings us chaos.”

Trump Jr. labels Haley a ‘puppet’ of Washington establishment

He asserted that she aligns with the billionaire class and serves as a tool for their influence, particularly criticizing her stance on never-ending wars.

Trump Jr. dismissed Ms. Haley’s candidacy, accusing her of being a “puppet” of the Washington establishment. 

Trump Jr. warns of Haley’s potential impact, labels poll numbers ‘fake’

Anticipating Ms. Haley’s possible rise, Trump Jr. predicted that if chosen as vice president, she would attempt to “destroy Donald Trump from within.” 

An opinion poll by American Research Group in December indicated a rise in Haley’s popularity, placing her within 4 points of President Trump in New Hampshire, a claim he labeled as “fake.”

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Haley’s potential opposition beyond Trump Jr.

The opposition to Haley’s candidacy extends beyond Trump’s family, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asserting that “MAGA would revolt” if Haley were given a role in Trump’s next administration. 

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Greene, herself considered a contender for the vice president role, characterized Haley as representing the “neocon establishment America last wing of the Republican Party.”

Trump leads GOP 2024 landscape, Haley ranks third 

As per RealClearPolitics, President Trump leads the 2024 GOP landscape nationally, with Ms. Haley ranking third at 11 percent. 

Governor Ron DeSantis trails closely behind, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy holds the fourth position with 4 percent.

DeSantis campaign and ‘Trump-Nikki 2024’

While President Trump has not disclosed his running mate choice, the DeSantis campaign launched a website titled “Trump-Nikki 2024,” playfully adopting the slogan “Make the Establishment Great Again!” 

The website suggests Ms. Haley’s preference for the vice presidency over the presidency, referencing her spending against DeSantis and avoidance of criticism against Trump.

Haley’s VP speculation adds complexity to GOP dynamics

In August, Ms. Haley acknowledged speculation about her running for the vice presidency but dismissed it, stating, “I don’t run for second.” 

The ongoing dynamics within the GOP and the evolving narratives surrounding potential candidates hint at the complexities leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

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