Disney World’s $70 cereal charge shocks visiting mother

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At Disney World in Orlando, Fla., a mother experienced sticker shock when she was charged $70 for a bowl of frosted flakes for her daughter.

This incident at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant highlights the amusement park’s notorious pricing.

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Disney World dining shock: $70 for ‘Cinderella cereal’

Travel agent Kaitlin LeBeouf and her 4-year-old daughter visited the resort restaurant, sparking a conversation about Disney’s exorbitant costs.

A friend humorously inquired, “Tell me what your kid got for $70?” To which LeBeouf responded with a surprised look and sarcastically replied, “Frosted flakes,” as she attempted to show the bowl of cereal to viewers.

The daughter, donning a Minnie Mouse headband, eventually showcased the small bowl of cereal with a smile. LeBeouf commented, “It tastes better in Disney,” humorously dubbing the frosted flakes “Cinderella cereal.”

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Public stunned by Disney’s cereal price, sparks mixed reactions online

The revelation of the cereal’s price caused astonishment among viewers, adding to the ongoing discussions about Disney World’s pricing.

Online reactions ranged from humorous disbelief to concern over affordability. One user quipped, “Nope. We’ve got cereal at home,” while another joked about the feasibility of inviting Cinderella home as a cheaper alternative.

High prices at Disney’s Cinderella’s Royal Table, even for cereal

Disney World’s official website lists Cinderella’s Royal Table prices as $69 per adult and $42 per child, including gratuity.

The breakfast menu offers a variety of options, from traditional breakfast items to fancier choices like Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast.

Despite the menu variety, LeBeouf’s daughter chose a simple bowl of cereal, which did not exempt them from the standard pricing.

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Viewers express skepticism Ooer mother’s Disney pricing video

Some viewers criticized the mother for exaggerating the story and contributing to the ongoing complaints about Disney’s prices.

A commenter suggested, “So you just made a video that’s a giant lie? What a clout chaser. Maybe make a factual video next time, not scolding Disney?”

Another pointed out, “The whole breakfast is $69.99 and $42.00 for kids. Still expensive, but [it’s] not $70 for just the cereal.”

LeBeouf clarifies Disney cereal video as joke amidst viewer backlash

In response to the mixed feedback, LeBeouf updated her followers, explaining that she was fully aware of the prices and that the original video was intended as a joke.

She stated, “I’m a travel agent, well aware of the prices; my friend was well aware of the prices,” adding, “The entire thing was posted as a complete joke and an exaggeration.”

Disney World incident spurs debate on theme park pricing and value

The incident at Cinderella’s Royal Table at Disney World is a light-hearted yet thought-provoking example of the high costs associated with theme parks.

While the breakfast’s price may have been known to LeBeouf, it sparked a broader discussion about the affordability and value of experiences at such attractions.

The mixed reactions to the incident reflect the diverse perspectives on spending and entertainment value at places like Disney World.

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