DeSantis tells voters to ignore polls, focus on policy agenda

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As the GOP’s Iowa Caucus approaches, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasizes the pivotal role of voters over polls.

Speaking to a group of about 50 supporters at Olde Boston’s Restaurant & Pub in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, DeSantis expressed his views on the media’s portrayal of the caucus and the significance of voters’ decisions.

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DeSantis questions media influence in Iowa caucuses, trusts voters

“The media wants to act like you guys don’t even matter,” Mr. DeSantis pointed out, highlighting the discrepancies between polls and actual outcomes in past Iowa caucuses.

Despite being second in the latest Iowa poll, DeSantis remains optimistic, citing historical instances of late surges in candidate support.

“Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I think people actually decide these things,” he stated, affirming his belief in the electorate’s decision-making power.

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DeSantis considers himself ‘change agent’ in general election

DeSantis, who has thoroughly campaigned in Iowa, visiting all 99 counties, shared his perspective on the political landscape.

He believes the media and the Democratic Party favor Trump’s nomination for strategic reasons. He views himself as a significant threat in a general election, evidenced by over $30 million spent against him.

“People know I will upset the applecart in D.C.,” DeSantis said, positioning himself as a proactive change agent.

Iowa supporter backs DeSantis, DeSantis highlights Florida achievements

Long-time caucus participant Ed Touney from Ft. Dodge expressed skepticism about the accuracy of current polling methods and voiced his support for DeSantis, appreciating his delivery on promises.

Responding to criticism about his time spent in Iowa, DeSantis defended his track record in Florida, listing numerous achievements since his presidential campaign announcement.

“There’s never been a year in the history of Florida where more has been accomplished,” he remarked, linking his success in Florida to his growing support in Iowa.

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DeSantis highlights voter engagement and policy agenda

In his campaign speech, DeSantis emphasized his willingness to engage with voters directly and tackle tough questions, which he believes sets him apart from other candidates.

“Not every candidate is willing to go and debate in Iowa,” he noted, underscoring the importance of such engagement in influencing voters’ decisions.

DeSantis’ campaign speech covered various topics, from domestic policies like decentralizing political offices and strengthening border security to international issues such as projecting military strength against global threats like the Chinese Communist Party.

DeSantis addresses vital issues ahead of critical Iowa caucus

He also addressed specific concerns on agriculture, energy policy, and foreign affairs, demonstrating his knowledge and stance on various critical issues.

Attendee Larry Brown, still undecided, voiced his desire for a candidate driven by common sense rather than monetary influences.

The GOP’s Iowa Caucus is set for January 15, 2024, a crucial milestone that will further define the Republican race for the presidential nomination.

DeSantis’ campaign in Iowa represents a strategic effort to connect with voters and shape the narrative ahead of this crucial event.

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