DeSantis, Haley clash in fiery debate before Iowa caucus 

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley engaged in a spirited exchange during a recent Republican presidential debate. 

DeSantis labeled Haley as “another mealy-mouthed politician” and accused her of being influenced by “woke” Wall Street donors and prone to making contradictory statements. 

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Haley hits back at DeSantis, citing dishonesty and policy imitation

Haley fired back, criticizing DeSantis for changing policies to mimic Trump and running a campaign with questionable ties. 

She accused him of frequent dishonesty, pointing to her campaign’s website,, as evidence.

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DeSantis, Haley’s fiery debate at Drake University sets tone for Iowa caucuses

The debate, held at Drake University on January 11, was marked by sharp jibes and minimal policy discussion, setting the stage for the upcoming Iowa caucuses. 

DeSantis targeted Haley’s track record, suggesting she is more liberal than Gavin Newsom and caves under pressure from the left. 

Haley and DeSantis exchange accusations

In return, Haley charged DeSantis with hypocrisy and inconsistency on issues ranging from the debt limit to Social Security and support for Ukraine.

DeSantis accused Haley of being backed by corporate interests, citing her past actions in South Carolina and her post-governorship dealings. 

Haley questions DeSantis’ leadership

Haley retorted that DeSantis was faltering in the polls due to his mismanagement and dishonesty about her record. 

She questioned his ability to lead the country based on his campaign’s performance. 

DeSantis highlighted his achievements in Florida, especially in education, and cast doubt on Haley’s leadership effectiveness. 

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DeSantis criticizes Haley’s global ties and China stance

He accused her of catering to global interests and criticized her stance on China. 

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Haley defended her record, emphasizing her tough stance on illegal immigration and fiscal responsibility in South Carolina.

DeSantis and Haley find common ground in heated debate

After a debate filled with accusations and counterclaims, the candidates were asked to express appreciation for each other. 

DeSantis acknowledged Haley’s strong positions at the United Nations, while Haley commended DeSantis’s governorship. 

This heated debate between DeSantis and Haley underscores the intense competition and contrasting strategies within the GOP as candidates vie to position themselves as the primary challenger to Donald Trump for the party’s nomination.

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