Democrats assert that Biden is being underestimated

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Amidst concerns over President Biden’s approval ratings and trailing poll numbers against potential opponent Donald Trump for the 2024 election, Democrats grapple with internal frustrations and anxiety. 

Despite external criticism, some Democrats argue that Biden deserves more credit for the improving economy and anticipate a brighter outlook as the election approaches. 

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Jim Kessler defends Biden’s accomplishments 

Jim Kessler, co-founder of the centrist think tank Third Way, expresses bewilderment at those writing off Biden’s chances. 

He argues that Biden’s accomplishments, including steering the economy through recovery and passing historic legislation, will resonate positively with voters in the coming months.

While David Thomas, a former aide to Vice President Al Gore, is bullish on Biden’s chances, former President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod and others express concerns. 

Axelrod’s acknowledgment of Biden’s low approval rating and suggestion of a 50-50 chance in 2024 stands out as a noteworthy critique within Democratic circles.

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Contrasting Biden’s Leadership with ‘chaos of Trump’s era’ 

Democrats emphasizing Biden’s strengths believe that once voters face the choice between Biden and Trump in the general election, the distinctions will become more evident. 

They argue that Biden’s leadership has brought a sense of normalcy after the chaos of the Trump era, positioning him favorably in voters’ minds.

Despite Biden’s consistently low approval rating, allies contend that the economy, on track for positive indicators such as low unemployment and steady growth, will be an asset in the 2024 election. 

They predict that projections indicate a favorable economic environment that benefits incumbents.

Democratic unity and historical underestimation

The Biden campaign and the White House downplayed the significance of polls at this stage, citing Biden’s history of being underestimated. 

Allies point to Biden’s past comebacks, such as in the 2020 Democratic primary, as evidence of his ability to overcome challenges.

Former Rep. Joe Crowley expresses disappointment at the lack of unanimous support for Biden within the Democratic Party.

He contrasts this with how Republicans rally behind their nominee, especially an incumbent president. 

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Democrats urged to rally behind Joe Biden 

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Democrats are urged to unite behind Biden, with a reminder of historical instances where he defied expectations.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg highlights Biden’s historical underestimation, citing his turnaround in the 2020 primary and better-than-expected results in the 2022 midterms. 

The message is clear: “Underestimating Biden has proven misguided in the past.”

Rosenberg underscores the strength of the Democratic Party and Biden’s presidency, asserting that Trump is a weak candidate. Democrats are urged not to succumb to nervousness, emphasizing their unity and Biden’s positive track record.

Democrats sight Trump’s legal challenges as a ‘hurdle’ to success

Democrats also point to legal challenges faced by Trump, with criminal indictments on federal and state levels. 

While Trump maintains a lead in the GOP primary, some Democrats believe his legal troubles will weaken his position over time.

Strategist Simon Rosenberg predicts that Trump’s legal issues will be a significant hurdle, making it challenging for him to secure victory in the election. 

Democrats express confidence that Trump’s negatives, particularly legal troubles, will erode his standing.

Rosenberg ridicules notions of Trump’s strength

Rosenberg dismisses notions of Trump’s strength, deeming them among the most ridiculous in his years in politics. 

The argument revolves around the unique and impactful negatives associated with Trump, particularly legal challenges.

The Democratic Party navigates a nuanced landscape evaluating Biden’s chances in 2024. While concerns persist, the party remains optimistic about Biden’s ability to connect with voters and confront the challenges ahead. 

The intersection of economic indicators, historical underestimation, and Trump’s legal troubles shapes the complex narrative surrounding Biden’s reelection prospects.

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