Democrat urges DOJ investigation of phony Biden robocall urging voters not to participate in NH 

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Representative Joseph Morelle (D-N.Y.) has taken a significant step to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process by contacting the Justice Department (DOJ). 

On Monday, he sent a letter urging an investigation into artificial intelligence (AI)-generated robocall, mimicking President Biden’s voice. 

Urgent investigation requested ahead of New Hampshire primary

This call, which was reported to encourage voters not to participate in New Hampshire’s Tuesday primary, has raised substantial concerns about the potential impact of AI on elections.

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In his communication to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Morelle expressed his deep worries about the influence of AI on the upcoming elections. 

He specifically requested that the DOJ investigate the incident, initially reported by NBC News, before the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire. 

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Morelle urges investigation into AI-generated disinformation in election

Morelle emphasized the importance of holding those responsible accountable and hoped the investigation would help prevent the spread of “AI-generated mis-and disinformation in future elections.”

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office confirmed receiving complaints about a recording that “sounds like” Biden, seemingly produced by AI. 

They described the calls as an illegal attempt to disrupt the primary process. The office urged voters to ignore the message and report any relevant information about the incident.

Strong response demanded to protect democracy

“This clear bid to interfere in the New Hampshire primary demands a thorough investigation and a forceful response from federal officials to deter further AI-based attacks that will disrupt American democracy and disenfranchise American voters,” Morelle stated in his letter, obtained by Punchbowl News. 

This statement underlines the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action.

The extent of the call’s reach remains unclear. However, Kathy Sullivan, a former state Democratic Party chair, reported that at least a dozen people had informed her of receiving the call, according to The Associated Press.

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Letter indicates Morelle’s commitment to election integrity

Morelle’s letter underscores his commitment to protecting the Constitution and the sanctity of elections. 

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“The oaths we swore to protect and defend the Constitution require us to use every tool at our disposal to shield the sanctity of our elections,” the letter reads. 

He further expressed readiness to collaborate with the DOJ to identify and implement effective measures to prevent AI-based subversion of elections.

DOJ receives Morelle’s letter amidst challenges of AI in elections

The DOJ has acknowledged receiving Morelle’s letter but has not provided further comments. 

This incident reflects the growing challenges and complexities introduced by advanced technologies like AI in the context of electoral processes and the need for vigilant and proactive measures to ensure the integrity of democracy. 

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