Dean Phillips slams Biden as ‘unelectable and weak’ as Biden skips New Hampshire primary 

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Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Mn, strongly criticized President Biden during a campaign event in New Hampshire, where Biden has decided to skip the first Democratic presidential primary. 

Phillips, contending against Biden in the Democratic primary, views New Hampshire as a critical battleground. 

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Phillips targets over 20% votes amid concerns over Biden’s electability

Despite a write-in campaign by Biden supporters, Phillips is optimistic about his chances, aiming to capture more than 20% of the vote.

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Phillips expressed his concerns about Biden’s electability, stating, “Sadly, it’s going to demonstrate that our incumbent president is unelectable and weak, and I think it’s going to show this country that there’s a candidate here who can actually do here what has been promised for generations.” 

Phillips questions Biden’s age; gains endorsement from Andrew Yang

He also raised concerns about Biden’s age and its implications for leading the nation, a sentiment he believes many voters share.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang endorsed Phillips in New Hampshire, lauding his decision to prioritize the country over personal ambitions. 

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Yang commends Biden’s record, doubts his fit for 2024 campaign

Yang praised Biden’s past accomplishments but questioned his suitability for the 2024 campaign. 

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“He is a substantial, accomplished president. I campaigned for him in 2020. I endorsed him,” Yang said, adding, “He’s a good man, a true public servant and a great American. He was the right candidate four years ago. He is not the right candidate for 2024.”

Polls show doubts about Biden’s effectiveness for second term

Recent polls have consistently shown a majority of Americans, including many Democrats, harbor doubts about Biden’s ability to effectively lead in a second term, citing concerns about his age. 

This sentiment has fueled the debate within the Democratic Party about the direction and leadership for the 2024 presidential election.

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