Concerns Raised Over Biden’s Nomination for Special Counsel Linked to His Son’s Former Law Firm

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By Anthony Stewart

President Joe Biden’s nomination of Hampton Dellinger for the position of special counsel has raised eyebrows, given Dellinger’s past association with Hunter Biden’s former law firm. The move has sparked concerns that Biden might prioritize protecting his son over the interests of whistleblowers.

The Office of Special Counsel, responsible for safeguarding whistleblowers and addressing potential Hatch Act violations, could potentially be led by Dellinger if approved.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer expressed his apprehensions about the appointment, saying, “President Biden’s decision to appoint Hunter Biden’s former colleague as head of the Office of Special Counsel raises concerns that he’s trying to protect his son instead of whistleblowers.”

The role of the Office of Special Counsel involves investigating whistleblower retaliation within agencies like the Departments of Justice and the Treasury, making the choice of its leader a matter of significant importance.

Dellinger had previously served as assistant attorney general overseeing the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy from October 2021 to June 2023, a position he had been nominated for by Biden.

However, prior to his government role, Dellinger had worked at the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner on the Crisis Management and Government Response team. During this period, Hunter Biden was also associated with the firm, which had represented Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter had served on the board of directors.

Emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that he had close interactions with lawyers from the firm’s crisis management team, including Dellinger. Some emails showed that Hunter had attended a private gathering with Dellinger and other firm employees in March 2014.

Communication records from the laptop further indicated that Dellinger and Hunter Biden corresponded about a planned attorney lunch. This information highlights the extent of their professional relationship.

It’s worth noting that William Isaacson, a partner at Boies Schiller Flexner, had organized a dinner for individuals on the firm’s Crisis Management and Government Response team, which both Biden and Dellinger had confirmed their attendance at. Hunter Biden had also inquired about the dinner’s status.

In one of the emails, Hunter stated that he introduced Burisma as a potential client for the firm after the scheduled dinner party. He mentioned that he was collaborating with the company to develop a strategic plan to address ongoing challenges and expand its domestic operations, proposing a meeting with members of the Crisis Management and Government Response team.

While several partners at Boies Schiller, including Dellinger, were involved in discussions and planning related to Burisma, the extent of Dellinger’s direct involvement remains unclear.

The concerns surrounding Dellinger’s nomination stem from the potential conflict of interest created by his prior association with Hunter Biden and the law firm connected to Burisma. This development underscores the delicate balance between addressing whistleblower concerns and potential familial ties in the current political landscape.

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