Closing Prices for Crude Oil, Gold and Other Commodities

On Wednesday, the benchmark U.S. crude oil price for December delivery increased $2.59 to $87.11 a barrel. Brent crude rose to $95.69/barrel in December delivery, up $2.17

November wholesale gasoline fell by 2 cents, to $2.90/gallon. November heating oil increased 15 cents to $4.12/gallon. Natural gas for November was steady at $5.61/1000 cubic feet.

The price of gold for December delivery increased $11.20, to $1669.20 per ounce. Dec delivery silver was up 14c for $19.49 an-ounce, and December copper was up 15c per pound.

Dollar fell from 147.97 to 146.26 yen. From 99.59 cents, the euro rose to $1.0080.

7 Stocks in the Mid-Cap Can Be Perfect for Anytime

Companies with a market cap between $2 billion to $10 billion are considered mid-cap stocks. These stocks offer strong growth and can be a great investment option. Mid-cap stocks are not easy to overlook by experienced investors.

Diversification is one of the benefits of holding mid-cap stock. While large-cap stocks are able to mitigate most of the volatility, they can also limit upside growth. While small-cap stocks might offer great growth potential they are not a wise choice for investors who have a high tolerance of risk. The right middle-cap stock can, however, be an excellent choice.

This presentation will examine seven mid-cap stock that show a good mix of value and growth. These stocks are available in a range of industries, so there is something for everyone.