Climate advocates praise historic COP28 deal, call for urgent action

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The COP28 climate summit in Dubai marked a significant moment in environmental history with its first-ever agreement to transition away from fossil fuels.

This groundbreaking decision has been celebrated by climate advocates, who see it as a crucial step toward addressing the impacts of climate change.

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COP28’s shift from ‘phase down’ to ‘transition away’ in climate pledge

The nonbinding pledge represents a shift from previous agreements, moving from the language of “phase down” to “transition away.”

Although some advocated for the stronger “phase out” terminology, the final agreement still signals a significant change in direction.

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Ben Jealous highlights COP28’s landmark achievement

Sierra Club President Ben Jealous acknowledged the significance of this agreement, especially considering the summit’s location and attendees.

He stated, “At a COP hosted by a petro-state, presided over by a literal oil executive, with fossil fuel billionaires and their lobbyists crowding the halls in record numbers, the world still charted a way forward.”

Jealous and Medina on sustaining climate progress post-COP28

Jealous emphasized the importance of continuing this progress beyond Dubai and the role of the United States under President Biden’s leadership in global climate action.

Monica Medina, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, echoed these sentiments but cautioned about the adequacy and speed of the transition.

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Monica Medina makes urgent call for quicker climate action

She said, “This consensus may mark the beginning of the end of the road for fossil fuels. But we are gravely concerned that it does not take us far enough or fast enough to adequately address the climate crisis. We cannot and must not let up now.”

Medina urged for an accelerated transition without delay, stressing the urgent need for action.

Skepticism over COP28 agreement’s impact: Global Witness perspective

Despite the positive reception from many, some organizations remain skeptical about the agreement’s effectiveness.

Global Witness, a group focused on reducing natural resources-related conflict, expressed concerns about the message sent to lobbyists at the summit.

Global Witness CEO Mike Davis criticized the agreement, stating, “This agreement sends a signal to those thousands of lobbyists who gathered at COP — there is a long and profitable future for their destructive businesses, regardless of what the science tells us.”

Davis advocates for stronger measures in climate policy post-COP28

Davis called for more decisive action, highlighting the need for no loopholes, no reliance on unproven technology, and an immediate phaseout backed by substantial financial support from wealthy countries and significant polluters.

The COP28 summit, therefore, stands as a pivotal moment in climate change policy, sparking a range of reactions and setting the stage for future environmental action.

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