Chief auditor calls on Georgia DA Fani Willis to address questions over allegations

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces allegations involving her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade. 

The Fulton County Audit Committee Chairman, Bob Ellis, has demanded responses from Willis following claims of an “improper” and “clandestine” relationship with Wade.

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Accusations in Georgia 2020 election case

Ellis’s inquiry, detailed in a letter to Willis, probes into potential romantic involvement and misuse of county funds, as well as acceptance of gifts from a county funds recipient.

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These allegations surfaced in a motion filed this month by former Trump aide Michael Roman, charged in the Georgia 2020 election case involving former President Donald Trump. 

Roman’s unsubstantiated motion against Willis, possible racial motivation, hinted

Roman’s motion, which offers limited details and lacks corroborating evidence, claims that neither Willis nor Wade has denied these allegations. 

Roman’s lawyer asserts having witnesses ready to testify against them. In a recent speech, Willis hinted at racial motivations behind these allegations, though she didn’t provide evidence to support her claim.

Details of allegations and Wade’s involvement

Ellis’s letter to Willis raises concerns about Wade’s appointment as a special prosecutor in the Trump case, citing his lack of relevant experience and undisclosed personal ties to Willis. 

It points out instances of joint leisure travel funded by Wade and a romantic relationship not disclosed to the court. 

Credit card statements from Wade’s divorce case show plane ticket purchases, including Willis’s name, coinciding with Wade’s commencement of his Fulton County-funded role.

Demands for transparency and accountability

The letter also calls for a detailed breakdown of the district attorney’s office expenses since January 2021, setting a deadline of February 2, 2024. 

This demand for transparency follows as some political figures, like Norm Eisen, a Democratic Party operative and former U.S. ambassador, suggest that Willis might need to consider stepping down due to these developments.

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Eisen advises caution in Willis case despite solid case against Trump

Eisen, known for his involvement in Trump’s impeachment inquiry and as an ally to Willis, shared his views with The Hill. 

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While he doesn’t see a legal requirement for Willis or Wade to step down, he suggests it might be prudent for Wade to consider it. 

Eisen, who has a history of opposing Trump, believes the evidence against Trump and co-defendants is strong and advocates for Willis’s continuation in her role, emphasizing her duty to prosecute crimes in Fulton County.

Responses to case and further developments

As the case continues, the former president, Rudy Giuliani, and other defendants maintain their innocence. Eisen emphasizes the importance of focusing on Trump’s alleged co-conspirators, like Roman. 

Willis, defending Wade and her office’s conduct, has not indicated whether she will step down from the case. 

The unfolding situation raises questions about legal ethics, political bias, and the integrity of the judicial process in politically charged cases.

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