Cheney’s new book slams GOP as Trump’s ‘enablers,’ ‘collaborators’

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In her provocative new book “Oath and Honor,” Liz Cheney, the former Representative, delivers a blistering critique of the Republican Party’s current direction.

Acquired exclusively by CNN before its December 5 release, Cheney’s narrative is one of alarm and disapproval, as she labels her once-colleagues as “enablers and collaborators,” accusing them of betraying their constitutional oath for political gain and allegiance to Donald Trump.

Liz Cheney’s book exposes GOP’s post-2020 election turmoil

Cheney’s book is not just a memoir but a warning bell. She depicts the GOP’s “cowardice” in the aftermath of the 2020 election, portraying a party willing to support Donald Trump – who she describes as “the most dangerous man ever to inhabit the Oval Office.”

This book takes readers through Cheney’s realization of the perils Trump and his allies posed as they attempted to overturn the election results, emphasizing the fragility of the constitutional checks and balances.

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The former Representative doesn’t shy away from naming critical figures in her scathing critique. A notable example is her depiction of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Cheney asserts that McCarthy, aware of Trump’s loss, still propagated falsehoods about the election outcome. Cheney also criticizes McCarthy’s successor, Mike Johnson, accusing him of seeking Trump’s approval and favor.

Cheney’s insider Account: Confronting party loyalty, Trump’s influence

As the vice chair of the House’s January 6 committee, Cheney had a front-row seat to the tumultuous events surrounding the 2020 election. She leverages this perspective to offer a detailed account of the duplicity she witnessed.

In her words: “So strong is the lure of power that men and women who had once seemed reasonable and responsible were suddenly willing to violate their oath to the Constitution out of political expediency and loyalty to Donald Trump.”

Cheney’s book is also a narrative of her journey and transformation. Once a staunch Republican, she now vows to do everything in her power to prevent Trump’s return, even considering a presidential run herself.

She asserts that if Trump becomes the GOP nominee again, she will part ways with the party.

The book is not without its detractors. Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, has dismissed it as fiction, accusing Cheney of fabricating stories. Yet, Cheney’s narrative continues, detailing how her GOP colleagues, once critical of Trump, gradually capitulated to his baseless claims of election fraud.

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Cheney exposes GOP discrepancies, loyalties in ‘Oath and Honor

One of the most striking revelations in “Oath and Honor” is Cheney’s recounting of McCarthy’s acknowledgment of Trump’s loss only two days after the election, a stark contrast to his public statements supporting Trump’s claims.

Cheney also highlights the internal conflicts within the party, where figures like House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan showed disregard for legal processes, focusing solely on winning.

In a particularly revealing anecdote, Cheney describes a scene from January 6, where Republican members, knowing the futility of their actions, still signed electoral vote objection sheets in a display of loyalty to Trump.

She quotes Congressman Mark Green’s comment, “The things we do for the Orange Jesus,” which Green’s office has since denied.

Cheney’s insight into GOP’s shift, media’s role post-January 6

Cheney’s account extends beyond the election debacle, delving into the personal and political dynamics within the GOP. She recounts McCarthy’s visit to Trump post-January 6 and her astonishment at McCarthy’s rationale for the visit.

This instance is a microcosm of the broader theme of her book: the Republican Party’s shift from constitutional adherence to what Cheney perceives as an anti-Constitution stance.

Furthermore, Cheney sheds light on the Senate Republicans and right-wing media personalities, accusing them of perpetuating Trump’s falsehoods.

She expresses disappointment in Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell’s wavering stance on Trump’s impeachment and criticizes right-wing media, particularly Fox News, for their role in disseminating disinformation.

Cheney’s book warns against Trump, calls for unity among Americans

The book also offers insights into Cheney’s tenure as vice chair of the January 6 select committee.

Her collaboration with Democrats, particularly with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, underscores her commitment to constitutional principles over party lines.

Cheney concludes her book with a stark warning about the dangers of Trump and a call to action for Americans across the political spectrum to unite against the threat to the republic.

She emphasizes the urgency of defeating Trump and his enablers to preserve the nation’s democratic foundations.

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