Build a Container Home Review: Is Warren Thatcher A Scammer?

You have plenty of reasons to wonder if Build a Container Home is a legit product, especially with so many skimpy information sites out there. Our Build a Container Home review is here to shatter your doubts and help you understand what this system is all about!

If you have ever considered building a properly comfortable home the cheapest and easiest way there is, this review is for you. Read on and find out more if Build a Container Home is worth your money and time!

Build a Container Home Review

Build a Container Home Review: Overview

Build a Container Home is a PDF book meant to provide you with all the info you need to know to, well, build a container home. It is right there, in the title, after all, right?

Container homes have grown quite popular, especially with the Tiny House Movement. These houses are built from shipping containers, but there is nothing skimpy about them, most times.

In fact, as the Build a Container Home PDF suggests, container homes can be safe, comfortable, and they can even look luxuriant. Even more, they can do all this at a fraction of the price of a “normal” home.

Is this a scam of some sort? Is Build a Container Home selling a pretty dream, but nothing more?

No, not really. Container homes CAN look and be an amazing choice in many situations. And this book DOES provide you with all the info you need to build a container home, from legal requirements to electrical systems to consider.

The entire system was created by Warren Thatcher, and it is now available for immediate download on the official site.

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Is Warren Thatcher legit?

Yes, absolutely.

Warren Thatcher is a designer and home builder with a lot of experience. He has been doing this for 14 years before he created Build a Container Home. After seeing the popularity of container homes and tiny houses skyrocket, he thought of creating a guide that will offer people all the info they need to take this path.

And so he did. Build a Container is a PDF book you can access immediately with every single bit of information you need to create your own dream container home ASAP.

Warren Thatcher is legit. And maybe even more importantly, his product, the Build a Container Homer system is very much legit too.

Build a Container Home Review: What’s Included

The Build a Container Home PDF includes everything you need to know when you decide to build a container home:

  • How to use shipping containers to visualize, design, and build a beautiful HOME
  • The pricy mistakes you should avoid if you want to make sure the project does not fail (structurally or otherwise)
  • How to get your project on its feet as fast as possible
  • How to save money on your container home project
  • The elements you should definitely splurge on when it comes to a container home
  • The least expensive ways to build a container home from A to Z.

Build a Container Home Legit

Extra Tips Included in Build a Container Home

In addition to all these basics, Build a Container Home will also provide you with precious tips, like:

  • Where to get the least expensive shipping container (which is quite literally the foundation of your cheap container home project)
  • How to inspect your container before purchasing it to avoid heartache and money loss
  • How to get a building permit (including the checklist of what exactly you need to do)
  • The best design and layout tips from Warren Thatcher, a qualified expert. You might think it’s easy to use containers, but there are different options available. Thus, there are various criteria and considerations to keep in mind too. The book will clear everything up for you.
  • No less than 15 3D container layout options to inspire you
  • How to prepare your site correctly and make sure it’s ready for footings and concrete foundations. The PDF provides you with a lot of details, diagrams, and pictures in this segment, so it’s a real gem!
  • How to get your electrical layout and installation plans (this part also includes diagrams to make it all easy)

Any question you might have about building a container home, this PDF file will surely answer it for you!

Furthermore, buying this product will also provide you with

  • Unlimited, free access to forums where you can ask questions (the Eco Smart Club Forums)
  • Access to technical support (via phone or email), just in case peers have not answered your questions

Build a Container Home – Full Construction Guide Review

There are a lot of great advantages to building a container home, and this book covers them all, including the following:

  • Affordability. Container homes are a lot more cost effective than traditional homes.
  • Design. Shipping containers can be modified to look really modern and beautiful.
  • Resistance. Shipping containers are created to be very resilient in front of a lot of natural disasters (including earthquakes).
  • Time. Building a shipping container home takes a lot less time than building a traditional house.
  • Uniqueness. Many shipping container homes are entirely unique, which is a very attractive factor for many people.
  • Green. Making your shipping container environmentally friendly is quite easy!
  • Mobility. A shipping container home is easier to move around (some even build theirs on wheels!)

Overall, the Build a Container Home PDF really does cover everything you need about all of the above, and more. There are graphs, blueprints, tables, and all the data and the tips you need to start making your container home dream come true.

Build a Container Home: Pros

How about the Build a Container Home review? What are the pros of this specific book? Does it deliver on its promise to teach you everything you need to know about building container homes?

In short, yes. There are several advantages to buying this book specifically:

  • It actually goes very in depth on advice. From legislation and paperwork to electrical systems and various container home designs, it covers everything
  • The tips come from a specialized builder and designer who has been doing this for a lot of time
  • The tips are oriented towards cost efficiency AND safety
  • Once you purchase the program, you will gain instant access to it

In addition to this, Build a Container Home also comes with several bonuses meant to teach you:

  • How to make your home more environmentally friendly
  • How to save money at home

And more…

AND the program is now selling at a very special price: just $47 (as opposed to the original price, $297). This is a pretty sweet deal, you will surely love it!

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Build a Container Home: Cons

Most of the cons related to this program are, in fact, disadvantages of container homes in general. For instance, some people feel that:

  • Container homes are less safe or sturdy
  • You need a lot of professional services to build your own container home
  • Your home’s design will be limited

However, none of these concerns are 100% true. Sure, there are safety issues you should consider (and Build a Container Home covers them). And yes, you should definitely hire plumbers, electricians, and builders if you do not consider yourself a handyman (or handywoman).

All in all, though, there are no actual disadvantages to Build a Container Home as a program. It’s really rich in information, it comes at a great price, and it’s an amazing starting point for anyone dreaming of their own tiny house!

Who Is Build a Container Home For?

As mentioned above, if you’re among the Tiny Home Movement dreamers, this book is for you. It will provide you with a very good head-start in building a container home on a budget.

In addition to this, Build a Container Home is also for people who want to:

  • Live comfortably but not spend a fortune on it
  • Live off the grid (or partially off the grid at least)
  • Live simply and beautifully

If you wonder how all those Tiny House dreamers have done it already, this product is most definitely for you!

Build a Container Home Special Offer

Is Build a Container Home a Scam?

No, there is nothing fishy about this product. It most certainly is not a scam (and we promised this will be an honest container home book review remember!).

The person behind it is a legit builder and designer, so all the tips in the PDF are legit and safe.

Furthermore, the creator behind Build a Container is also happy to offer you a 60 days money back guarantee. So, if you don’t like what the product offers, you can just ask for your money back. No questions asked!

Build a Container Home Review: Final Thoughts

Tiny houses and container homes might not be for everyone, that’s true.

But for those of you who have been thinking of a cheap, beautiful, eco-friendly home, this product will be a source of golden advice!

Build a Container Home comes at an unbeatable price (under $50!) AND it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. It doesn’t get safer than that. It shows the creator of the product really believes in it — and he definitely has all the reasons to do so.

Our Build a Container Home review verdict? Get this, you won’t regret it.

From where to buy a cheap container to how to make it into a livable place (legally!), Build a Container Home has it all. It is the ultimate container home book, covering all you need to know about transforming a shipping container into a dream house!

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