BTV Solo Review – Will This Help You Create Mad Beats?

BTV solo review

Creating mad beats that drive the crowd wild doesn’t come easy. But BTV solo software promises to help anyone do just that. It’s a brash claim for sure but we noticed a testimonial on the main website that made us very keen to conduct our own BTV solo review. This is it; and inside you’ll find out if a 2X Grammy Award winner is serious about how good this piece of software is. Mac or PC, it doesn’t matter; the developers of BTV solo promises mad beats and lots of jumping at the club. Let’s see…

BTV Solo Review – Why The Urgency of This Beats SoftwareBTV Solo software

Music software is expensive. Some can cost upwards of $3,000 depending on the mix of features a producer needs to make his beats happen. On top of that beats software can be very complicated and the learning curve alone can be worth around $10,000 in man hours.

This trend of expensive, bloated and complicated software doesn’t seem to be going away either, which makes the creation of a program like BTV Solo all the more important for the marketplace at this present time.

BTV Solo Review – What Is The Software Really About?

BTV solo is a software program that helps producers lay down the sort of tracks that make people green with envy. The developer is a man that knows a lot of beats, too. His name is Dallas Austin, a record producer that has won two Grammy Awards for the sick beats that he’s produced over the years.

Dallas has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. But Dallas’ biggest gift to the producing world is the software BTV Solo. It allows producers to mix and arrange music beats in a unique and technologically savvy way. And all this is done in an intuitive way.

BTV solo review BTV Solo Review – Features That Rock

BTV solo is all about functionality. The software is well developed and sticks to the logic of the recording studio. It is intuitive to a point that it makes the process of learning so easy. Even beginners are catered for in the program.

Some of the easy to use features include:

  • A 16 track sequencer, perfect for dabbing up those beats
  • Great collection of sounds and pre-sequenced mixes
  • Recording in 16 or 24 bit with .WAV files as well as .AIFF files
  • Cross-platform compatibility that allows users to work on either Mac or PC
  • Easily created drum kits that blow traditional drum kits out the studio
  • Full support for MIDI controls
  • Incredible sound library which gives producers a rich pool to pick from

 BTV Solo Review – Comprehensive Tutorialsbtv solo scam

The trouble with moist music software is that the developers don’t provide enough easy to understand guidance. BTV solo comes with a different approach. Bundled with the software is a comprehensive library of tutorials that show the users everything they need to know about the software.

The tutorials are in video format which makes them easy to digest. Users are able to move fluidly between the program and the video; it’s a follow-along type of training that is a game changer for the industry.

BTV Solo Review – Good Support Features

BTV solo doesn’t just give you a few hints and a help section to handle the task of learning and making beats. Dallas Austin and his team have done one better by providing actual tech support. Engineers are on hand to help producers as they make their way through the training material.

This is one of the most compelling features of the whole program because support is so vital to success with software such as BTV solo. Producers who spend thousands on other programs often abandon them because they don’t get enough support. BYV solo does a good job in this regard.

does BTV solo workBTV Solo Review – Final Take

BTV solo is an awesome software package backed by real record industry experience and expertise. The support features, including the awesome library and video tutorials make it easily one of the best programs on the market. We’ve looked at a few before deciding to bring BTV solo to our readers.

The price point is super accessible, something which makes the program even more compelling. This is definitely a beats software that is set to hold its own for a long time. Producers can do no wrong by trying it out, especially with the money-back guarantee.

Visit the official website for BTV Solo HERE.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

btv solo review

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