BLM leader gets surprise ‘thank you’ phone call from Trump

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Mark Fisher, a notable supporter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and recent endorser of former President Donald Trump, experienced an unexpected phone conversation with Trump himself.

The call, which took place on November 28, was initiated by the former president as a gesture of gratitude for Fisher’s endorsement.

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Fisher grateful for surprise call from Trump

Fisher, who helped establish Rhode Island’s BLM group and founded BLM Inc. in Maryland, a separate entity from the broader BLM movement, expressed his surprise and appreciation for the call to The Epoch Times.

During their brief conversation, lasting about four minutes, President Trump acknowledged Fisher’s endorsement, asking if he faced any backlash.

Fisher’s response was of self-assurance, “I told him that I create my own narrative, so that doesn’t bother me.”

Mark Fisher’s surprising endorsement of Trump draws attention

This endorsement by Fisher, known for his activism with BLM—a group that has historically been at odds with Trump—has garnered significant attention.

BLM has been critical of Trump, particularly following his denunciation of some of their tactics during the 2020 racial justice and police brutality protests.

The group has even called for Trump’s permanent exclusion from future office and digital media platforms.

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Mark Fisher establishes common ground with Trump

Despite their differing backgrounds, Fisher found common ground with Trump, particularly admiring the former president’s actions towards supporting black colleges, entrepreneurs, and nonviolent offenders.

Fisher’s appreciation extends to Trump’s candidness, as he remarked, “He’s just so real.”

Fisher was initially skeptical of the call’s authenticity, mistaking it for a recorded message. However, recognizing Trump’s voice, he expressed his humility and surprise.

Trump’s recognition of Fisher’s endorsement as a significant news story was a moment of affirmation for Fisher.

Mark Fisher’s endorsement gains momentum

The endorsement, first reported by The Epoch Times on October 20, gradually gained traction, culminating in a broadcast interview with Fox News’ Lawrence Jones on November 28.

Trump’s post on Truth Social, highlighting the endorsement, included a video clip from the Kim Iversen podcast where Fisher reiterated his support and his interview with Jones.

Mark Fisher’s critique of Democrats on Black community issues

In these appearances, Fisher critiqued the Democrat Party, accusing it of exploiting and neglecting the black community.

He argued that the Democrats’ policies are inherently racist and have historically failed to benefit black Americans.

Mark Fisher sees growing support for Trump among Black voters

In contrast, Fisher views Trump as a more straightforward and beneficial figure for the black community, stating, “He’s going to tell you how it is; he’s going to give it to you straight.”

Fisher believes that there is a growing shift among black voters away from the Democratic Party and towards Republicans, particularly towards Trump.

This sentiment coincides with recent opinion polls indicating President Joe Biden’s waning support among minority groups amidst concerns over his economic policies and handling of international issues.

Unexpected alliance: Fisher and Trump’s dinner invitation

The phone call concluded with Fisher and Trump expressing their desire to meet in person, with Trump extending an invitation for dinner should Fisher find himself in Florida.

Fisher’s unconventional endorsement of Trump, juxtaposed with his BLM activism, highlights the complex and often unpredictable nature of political alliances and opinions in today’s landscape.

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