Biden starts 2024 campaign with January 6 speech at Valley Forge

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President Joe Biden is gearing up for his 2024 reelection bid, choosing historically significant locations in Pennsylvania and South Carolina to articulate his central campaign themes. 

This marks his first public campaign appearance after a year dominated by official White House events and discreet political fundraisers. 

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Biden and Harris to mark January 6 anniversary in crucial states

As the campaign aims to highlight a contrast with potential rival Donald Trump, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are set to embark on a series of events in key battleground states.

On the third anniversary of the January 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection, Biden will address the nation from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, a pivotal Revolutionary War site. 

Quentin Fulks, the Biden-Harris deputy campaign manager, emphasized that Biden will underscore the enduring significance of democracy and freedom, ideals that have shaped the nation’s history.

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Stand against political violence in South Carolina

Following this, the President will travel to Charleston, South Carolina, to speak at Mother Emanuel AME Church, a historically Black church marred by tragedy in 2015. 

Fulks highlighted America’s collective concern about rising political violence and emphasized the administration’s commitment to standing against it.

Harris in South Carolina and reproductive freedoms tour

Vice President Kamala Harris is set to make her impact in South Carolina, delivering remarks at the 7th Episcopal District AME Church Women’s Missionary Society annual retreat in Myrtle Beach. 

This state was crucial in revitalizing Biden’s primary campaign in 2020, particularly with Black voters. 

Later in the month, Harris will kick off a reproductive freedoms tour in Wisconsin, commemorating the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

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Biden campaign gears up for 2024 with Focus on battleground states

While Biden’s political events are expected to increase in frequency, campaign officials have not outlined specific plans. 

The focus for the early months 2024 will be scaling up operations, hiring battleground state leadership, and launching a new advertising campaign. 

The campaign aims to operate at “full steam” by early summer, emphasizing the urgency of the upcoming election.

Biden’s 2024 campaign gears up, anticipating third-party challenges 

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez acknowledged the potential competition from third-party candidates and the tight margins of the 2024 election. 

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Despite this, she asserted that the campaign is prepared to focus on turning out voters, persuading persuadable, and building a coalition that secured victory in 2020.

Addressing concerns about waning support among Black and Hispanic voters, campaign officials highlighted their proactive approach. 

Biden-Harris campaign focuses on early outreach and messaging for 2024

The campaign has invested early and significantly in political advertising and organizing efforts to communicate with these communities. 

Fulks emphasized the importance of earning the votes of voters of color by engaging with them consistently and not relying on last-minute appeals.

As the Biden-Harris campaign sets the stage for the 2024 election, its strategy revolves around reinforcing democratic values, standing against political violence, and proactive outreach to crucial voter demographics.

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