Biden senior adviser Mitch Landrieu departs administration for campaign role

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Mitch Landrieu, who has played a crucial role in overseeing the implementation of a significant infrastructure law over the past two years, is bidding farewell to the White House as he prepares to join President Biden’s reelection campaign. 

President Biden confirmed Landrieu’s departure from the administration and praised his contributions to the nation.

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Biden praises Landrieu’s dedication to infrastructure success

President Biden expressed his appreciation for Mitch Landrieu’s commitment to delivering tangible results for the American people during his tenure. 

He emphasized the importance of having someone like Landrieu by his side to ensure the successful execution of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

“When I passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, I knew I needed someone by my side who would help deliver real results for the American people,” President Biden stated. 

“I knew that Mitch Landrieu, a former Mayor and Lieutenant Governor who spent over a decade helping rebuild New Orleans, was the man to help me rebuild the country. 

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Mitch Landrieu’s impressive track record 

Mitch has always known that the real measure of success is not about scoring partisan points — it’s about building bridges and fixing the problem at hand.”

Mitch Landrieu’s background is notable for his service as the Mayor of New Orleans from 2010 to 2018. 

He is recognized for his pivotal role in revitalizing and reconstructing New Orleans, a city deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina. 

Now, Landrieu is set to assume a significant position in President Biden’s reelection campaign as a national co-chair.

Landrieu’s key role in overseeing infrastructure law implementation

Landrieu’s time in the White House saw him collaborating with state and local officials to oversee the implementation of the infrastructure law. 

This legislation has played a vital role in financing more than 40,000 projects nationwide, ranging from essential upgrades to bridges and roads to the expansion of railway networks and improved internet connectivity.

President Biden expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mitch Landrieu for his exemplary leadership and decades of service to the American people. 

He acknowledged that he would greatly miss Landrieu’s valuable counsel as he embarks on this new chapter.

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Strengthening the reelection campaign

Landrieu’s transition to the Biden campaign underscores the increasing momentum of President Biden’s reelection efforts as the election year commences. 

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The campaign has been actively recruiting key personnel in crucial battleground states. 

President Biden himself recently delivered a significant campaign speech, highlighting his concerns about the threat to democracy posed by former President Trump.

Mitch Landrieu’s move from White House to Biden campaign

Mitch Landrieu’s departure from the White House to join President Biden’s reelection campaign signifies his critical role in advancing infrastructure initiatives during his tenure. 

His experience and commitment to public service are set to significantly impact the campaign trail as President Biden seeks to secure another term in office.

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