Biden deploys high-profile surrogates to boost ratings 

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President Biden, gearing up for the 2024 election, faces persistent challenges with low approval ratings. To bolster his chances, the campaign has strategically deployed high-profile surrogates across the nation. 

These surrogates play a crucial role in rallying support, addressing concerns, and energizing the Democratic base.

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Gavin Newsom: A rising Democratic star

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, has emerged as a key Biden surrogate, showcasing his prowess in media appearances and debates. 

His recent sparring with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Fox News highlighted Newsom’s ability to articulate and advocate for Biden’s policies. 

Newsom’s charisma and confidence make him a formidable advocate, even overshadowing Biden in the eyes of some voters.

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Hillary Clinton: Fundraising powerhouse and foreign policy advocate

Hillary Clinton, with her extensive fundraising network and a strong base of Democratic supporters, brings significant financial clout to Biden’s campaign. 

Her role extends beyond fundraising, as she aligns with Biden on foreign policy, notably expressing support for his decisions in the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

Clinton’s defense hawk stance adds a distinct perspective to the campaign.

Michelle Obama: Star power and key endorsement

Michelle Obama’s star power is unparalleled, and her rare campaign appearances leave a lasting impact. 

Her endorsement of Biden during the Democratic National Convention 2020 resonated strongly, particularly with Black women voters. 

While she has repeatedly expressed no interest in running for office, Michelle Obama’s individual approval rating remains high, making her a valuable asset for Biden.

Barack Obama: A trusted ally and collaborator

Former President Barack Obama, a longstanding ally of Biden, has increased his involvement in campaign activities. 

Their collaborative efforts include promoting the Affordable Care Act through videos and joint fundraising initiatives. 

Obama’s influence and appeal are critical in reinforcing Biden’s policies and achievements.

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Gretchen Whitmer: Rising female politician in crucial swing state

Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, stands out as a rising female politician, particularly significant as Democrats aim to appeal to women voters on reproductive rights. 

As a co-chair of Biden’s 2024 campaign, Whitmer’s media presence emphasizes Biden’s accomplishments, crucial in a swing state where recent polls indicate a competitive race.

Hollywood stars: Fundraising and celebrity endorsements

The allure of Hollywood stars continues to play a pivotal role in Democratic campaigns. 

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Biden’s recent fundraising events in Los Angeles, attended by celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Shonda Rhimes, showcased the entertainment industry’s support. 

Hollywood’s influence extends beyond dollars, with stars contributing to virtual events and endorsements during the 2020 campaign.

Biden utilizes diverse surrogates’ reelection strategy 

As President Biden navigates the challenges of a reelection campaign, the strategic use of high-profile surrogates becomes paramount. 

Each surrogate brings unique strengths, from fundraising prowess to star power, contributing to the multifaceted efforts to secure victory in the 2024 election. 

The diverse lineup reflects the campaign’s approach to appeal to different demographics and reinforce Biden’s policies and achievements.

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