Biden aides bash Trump for ‘vile’ comments about economy crashing

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White House and Biden campaign aides swiftly responded to former President Trump’s recent interview in which he expressed hope for a U.S. economic crash within the next 12 months. 

Trump’s surprising statement drew condemnation from various quarters.

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Biden team condemns Trump’s ‘economic crash’ remarks 

Trump’s remark about hoping for an economic crash, followed by his reluctance to oversee a downturn if he wins reelection, raised eyebrows and concern. 

Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, did not mince words, describing Trump’s statement as “absolutely vile.” 

Moussa added, “This is just par for the course for Donald Trump, who only cares about himself.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates issued a statement that didn’t directly name Trump but was clearly aimed at those who shared similar sentiments. 

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White House rebukes hopes for economic decline, emphasizes duty to Americans

Bates suggested that individuals hoping for economic failure were “revealing twisted true colors.” He emphasized the fundamental duty of a commander-in-chief: to prioritize the American people’s welfare above all else. 

Bates said, “A commander in chief’s duty is to always put the American people first; never to hope that hard-working families suffer economic pain for their own political benefit.”

Bates went further to encourage Republican officials to acknowledge the economic progress President Biden is achieving. 

He urged them to embrace the positive economic indicators that demonstrate growth and improvement in the lives of ordinary Americans. 

Democrats decry Trump’s remarks as harmful to middle class

Bates alluded to the idea that some individuals might be willing to harm the American middle class for political gain, highlighting a concern that such actions would be driven by cynical self-interest.

Trump’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by prominent Democrats, who joined the chorus of criticism. 

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an interview on MSNBC alongside former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, expressed her disdain for Trump’s remarks. 

Pelosi labeled Trump’s comments as “just another manifestation of the insensitivity and the grotesqueness of this person.”

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Trump predicts economic crash, aims to dodge Hoover’s legacy in Dobbs talk

In the interview with former Fox News host Lou Dobbs, Trump described the economy as “fragile” and expressed his hope for a crash within the next 12 months. 

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He candidly stated, “We have an economy that’s so fragile, and the only reason it’s running now is it’s running off the fumes of what we did.” 

Trump clarified that he did not want to be associated with Herbert Hoover, referring to the president who presided over the Great Depression after the 1929 stock market crash.

It’s worth noting that Trump’s legacy on the economy has been a significant reference point for his supporters and critics. 

Polls show Trump leads on economy; Biden touts economic progress

Polling has consistently shown that most Americans trust Trump over Biden on financial matters. 

However, the Biden administration has consistently argued that the president’s economic plan is making a positive impact. 

They point to a steady decline in inflation, robust employment numbers, and continued economic growth that has exceeded expectations.

Economic outlook sparks debate ahead of 2024 election

The sharp contrast in perspectives on the state of the U.S. economy will likely remain a prominent theme in the ongoing political discourse as the 2024 election cycle unfolds. 

Trump’s comments have ignited a fresh debate about his economic legacy and the direction of the country’s economic future.

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