BBC interview with Kelsey Grammer cut short after stating his support for Trump

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In a recent interaction with the BBC, veteran actor Kelsey Grammer, famed for his portrayal of Dr. Frasier Crane in the iconic sitcoms “Cheers” and “Frasier,” confirmed his ongoing support for former President Donald Trump.

This revelation seemingly led to an abrupt conclusion of the interview.

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Kelsey Grammer revives iconic role as Frasier Crane in new Paramount+ series

Grammer, 68, has had a long-standing career in television, with his role as Frasier Crane spanning from 1984 to 2004.

He recently reprised this character in the new iteration of “Frasier” on Paramount+.

Grammer confirms continued Trump support in BBC interview with Webb

During the interview with BBC’s Justin Webb, the conversation shifted from Grammer’s career to his political affiliations.

When asked about his support for Trump, Grammer’s response was straightforward: “I am, and that’s about all, let that be the end of it.”

Grammer open to discussing Trump support, Paramount+ PR less enthusiastic

The dynamics of the interview then took an interesting turn.

Webb indicated to listeners that while Grammer was open to discussing his support for Trump, the Paramount+ public relations team was less enthusiastic about this topic.

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Grammer open on Trump support, Paramount+ silent after BBC interview

Webb elaborated, “But I should stress that he [Grammer] was actually perfectly happy to talk about why he supports Donald Trump and still does in the coming election.”

Paramount+ did not immediately respond to requests for comments on the BBC interview, which primarily covered various aspects of Grammer’s life and career, including the much-anticipated reboot of “Frasier” and his personal tragedies, such as the murder of his younger sister.

Grammer reflects on personal grief and motivations behind Frasier’s revival

Reflecting on this, Grammer said to the BBC, “I spent a good chunk of my lifetime grieving and possibly stopping myself from growing because of that.”

In a separate interview with Fox News Digital, Grammer delved into his motivations for bringing back the beloved character of Frasier Crane.

Grammer aims to showcase Frasier’s continued relevance, humor in revival

He expressed a desire to demonstrate that the character remained relevant, engaging, and humorous.

“I wanted to prove to myself and to other people, of course, that Frasier was still interesting and still watchable and still funny,” he said.

Grammer also emphasized the potential for new stories to be told through the character, mirroring the ongoing narratives of our own lives.

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