Bannon foresees Trump’s initial 100 days setting 50-year agenda

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Steve Bannon, former Chief Strategist to President Donald Trump, provided an exclusive interview to The Epoch Times where he outlined his vision for what the beginning of Trump’s potential second term would look like, should he be re-elected later this year. 

Bannon, currently hosting the “War Room” podcast, drew a parallel between Trump’s prospective administration and a historic presidency.

Bannon draws parallels with FDR’s presidency

“The first 100 days of President Trump’s second term will be the equivalent of the first 100 days of FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt],” Bannon stated. 

He elaborated on this comparison, emphasizing that while Roosevelt laid the foundations of the administrative and deep state, Trump’s focus would be on its deconstruction. 

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Bannon added, “The first 100 days of President Trump, I think you’ll see the beginning of the deconstruction of that and the destruction of the deep state, along with dozens and dozens and dozens of other policy proposals.”

Bannon foresees Trump’s initial 100 days setting 50-year agenda.

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Bannon’s reflections on Trump’s first administration

Bannon recalled the early days of the Trump administration, including the initial transition team put together by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

He dismissed Christie’s work as “a joke,” noting that it was quickly set aside in favor of a team led by then Vice-President Mike Pence. 

Jared Kushner, also a transition team member, described the intensity of those initial days in his memoir, “Breaking History.”

Bannon highlights diverse influences in shaping Trump’s White House policy

Bannon and Kushner were significant figures in setting the White House’s initial agenda. 

Although reports often highlighted the differences between the two, Bannon viewed the diversity of viewpoints positively, likening it to Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet. 

He anticipated a shift in the upcoming administration, stating, “You won’t have people that tend to be more globalist. I think you’ll see populist, nationalist people that are fully on board with the outlines and directionally on board with President Trump’s policies.” 

Bannon described Trump’s campaign as “running an anti-globalist campaign.”

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Trump excludes Kushner and Ivanka; Bannon notes rising MAGA influence

In a notable development, Trump has stated that neither Jared Kushner nor Ivanka Trump would be part of his future team, citing the pain it caused the family. 

This was revealed during a Fox News interview with Bret Baier in June 2023.

Reflecting on the challenges of the first term, Bannon noted the initial lack of a deep MAGA-oriented bench. However, the landscape has changed significantly over the years. 

He mentioned the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, led by Johnny McEntee, as an example of the growing MAGA influence, calling it “a LinkedIn of MAGA.”

Bannon details Trump’s policy plans and foresees opposition

Bannon listed some of Trump’s core policies, including tariffs, border control, mass deportations, and rethinking geopolitical alliances. 

He acknowledged that while some policies would require Congressional cooperation, many could be enacted through executive orders or law enforcement.

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Bannon predicted a dynamic start to Trump’s potential second term, expecting significant opposition from MAGA detractors. 

He emphasized, “They will come at him from every different angle, just like they do on the lawfare now.”

Bannon foresees 50-year MAGA policies, draws FDR parallel

Bannon concluded by revisiting the comparison with FDR, acknowledging the fragility of executive order-based governance but envisioning a lasting MAGA impact. 

He asserted, “If we do this right, it’s just the beginning, like FDR’s was, of 50 years of MAGA policies.” 

This statement encapsulates Bannon’s long-term vision for Trump’s political influence and the MAGA movement.

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