Backyard Revolution Review: Is Zach Bennet A Scammer?

Can you even imagine life without electricity? How about a life without having to pay the electricity bill? Believe it or not, this Backyard Revolution review can help you reconcile your need for electricity and your secret dreams of never having to pay for it anymore. 

Many people have dreamed, for a long while, of generating their own energy, in their own backyard. The program we’re reviewing in this article promises just that, so it is a clearly attractive offering from many points of view. 

But is the Backyard Revolution product legit? Does it actually bring along a real revolution of electricity and how we use it? Or is this just one of those “internet scams”?

This is one of the most honest Backyard Revolution reviews you’ll find on all of the interwebs. Read on if you want to learn more about solar power, how it can help you save money, and live a comfortably electrified life. 

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Backyard Revolution Review: Zack Bennet

Whenever you search for reviews of any kind, you first want to learn more about the “manufacturer” behind a product. Be it a solar panel, a brand new revolutionary solution for electricity, or a couch, you want to know who made it

There are several reasons to look at that. One of the most important ones is related to the fact that the person or company behind a product can give more credibility to it. 

Fortunately, such is the case in our Backyard Revolution Review too. Zack Bennet, the creator behind this product, is a carpenter by profession. The reason he started thinking of this system has nothing to do with money saving (although this did come as a natural consequence, of course). 

Zack needed a power generator that would work during outages too. He and his family had suffered at the hands of robbers when a power outage occurred in his area. Following this incident, he thought long and hard about how to make sure this never happens again. 

… And that’s how he came up with the Backyard Revolution!

Backyard Revolution Solar Review: How It Works

The main idea behind Backyard Revolution reviews is quite straightforward. Basically, Zack Bennett puts forward a guided instruction book on how you (and anyone else) can build a solar-powered energy system right in your backyard. 

You might think this is crazy, but the technology has been around for years, and pretty much anyone can do it. The Backyard Revolution system is ready to provide you with ALL the instructions you need, from A to Z, on how to build your own solar panels. 

How cool is that? 

The entire system designed by Zack Bennett is meant to make it accessible and easy for anyone to build their own solar panels and reap the benefits of doing this. The materials you will need to make this happen are inexpensive. Furthermore, the steps included in the Backyard Revolution are extremely easy to follow, so literally, anyone can do it. 

Not only is this entire system easy to build, but it is also quite ingeniously designed. For instance, Bennet thought of how to maximize the efficiency of his device using a zig-zag pattern that allows his solar panels to collect and hold on to more energy. 

But wait, you might ask, didn’t you just say Zach was just a carpenter before all this? 

Well, yes, he was. The system he has built is not based on his own “invention”, but on a system that had already been designed by one of the top universities in the world. What Zach did was find ways to simplify the entire process and make it accessible to everyone. 

Because everyone deserves to have access to free, steady, safe energy, regardless of how connected they are to the “grid”. 

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What’s Included In Backyard Revolution?

When you purchase Backyard Revolution, you get everything you need to make sure this will work well for you: 

  • A series of very high-quality HD videos that explain everything, from the materials and devices you will need to the exact steps you need to follow. 
  • Instructions on how to secure your power generating device on a tower (so that it gets maximum exposure to sunlight) 
  • A list of materials and tools you need to buy (including where to find them at the most affordable prices) 
  • Colorful illustrations to make sure everything is very easy to understand 

In addition to the basic Backyard Revolution package, you will also get a few very interesting bonuses, including: 

  • How to Protect Yourself in the Event of an Electromagnetic Attacj or EMP — a guide on what to do to avoid being put down by an EMP attack. Whether we like it or not, America is likely to become the target of such an attack, and this guide will help you protect yourself in the eventuality it occurs. 
  • Alternative Sources of Energy for Your Home — a quick guide on how to maximize the alternative power sources for your home and become more independent 
  • How to Build Your Energy Stockpile Guide — an eBook containing essential stockpiling secrets on how to ensure you always have an “energy stockpile” at hand. 

Installing solar panels should not be rocket science. Sunlight is available for free for all inhabitants of the Earth and now, decades after the first solar panels were built, we can all afford to use its energy for a very low price. As the single most reliable source of alternative energy, sunlight is really to look into.

Backyard Revolution believes in this, and this is exactly why Zach has put the program for a VERY affordable price. 

Pros of Backyard Revolution Solar

There is a long list of pros to buying into what Backyard Revolution proposes. Some of the most important advantages of this creative solar panel system include the following: 

  • It can save you important sums of money. Think of how much you pay on your electricity bills every month. Multiply that by 12 months. And then, multiply it by however many years you want. THAT is how much you can save using the 3D solar panels suggested by Zack Bennet. 
  • This is a CLEAN source of energy. We all know Earth is suffering under the heavy weight of pollution — and energy plays an important role in that. Why not switch to a clean, renewable source of solar energy that doesn’t hurt anyone? 
  • It doesn’t a large space. The 3D solar panel system brought forward by Backyard Revolution is really not very space consuming. Therefore, if you have little space available in your backyard, you will still be able to use this successfully. 
  • The system is also low maintenance. Once you set it up, you do not have to worry about it too often. 
  • The system is also easy to carry with you because it is extremely light. This means you can even take it with you to a campsite, for example! 
  • This is a reliable source of energy. You never have to depend on your government or electricity company ever again. Your family will never have to stay in the dark when the power runs out (and face the dangers that come with this). You can rely on your own source of solar energy for as long as the Sun shines on the sky. By the way, the Sun is not expected to die in the next 5 billion years. 

The Cons of Backyard Revolution

OK, all this sounds very nice, but what are the disadvantages of the Backyard Revolution reviews? 

You’d be surprised, but there really isn’t much to say here. Some people report that they were off-put by the fact that there’s no hardcover/ paperback version of this available. However, considering the nature of the product and the information within it, a digital format is actually preferred. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to access all the amazing videos included in the package. 

Last, but not least, the fact that this is a digital program also means you will have instant access to it as soon as you pay for it. It really doesn’t get any easier than this! 

Other than that, there are no real complaints about the Backyard Revolution system. Some have dubbed it as a scam, but if you look into it more closely, you realize it just cannot be so (we have also covered this later on in our Backyard Revolution reviews). 

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Who Is Backyard Revolution For?

In essence, Backyard Revolution is for anyone who wants to disconnect themselves from the grid. 

There are a thousand reasons to do this. For starters, it is expensive to live on electricity provided by governments and companies. And even more so when there’s a free source of power available — our SUN! Just imagine a life without electricity bills, completely disconnected from the national grid!

It’s also harmful to the planet, so those of you who want to live more eco-conscious lives will definitely love the idea of clean power. 

Last, but not least, if you just want to make sure you’re never left in the dark (literally), you will also love Backyard Revolution. 

This solar panel instruction program is for all those who are sick and tired of paying bills for something that’s unsteady, unreliable, and polluting to the environment. 

From the perspective of our Backyard Revolution review here, this product is pretty much for everyone. Because everyone should care about saving money AND the Earth!

Is Backyard Revolution Review: A Scam Or Legit?

Backyard Revolution is most definitely legit. There have been a lot of claims out there suggesting that this is not a truthful, honest product. However, each and every single one of these claims can be argued against. 

Everything about this system is entirely legit, from the saddening, but also inspiring story of Zack Bennett to the system itself. Furthermore, Bennet also has a lot of ways to convince you that he’s not after your money (such as the two months back money guarantee), so yiu can definitely trust this product.  

The 3D solar panel system suggested by Zach is based on MIT research, so it did not come out of the blue. Not only is it fully legit, but it is also considered to be a better and more efficient way to generate solar-based energy (as compared to the more conventional solar panels). 

In addition to all this, Backyard Revolution Solar reviews are an amazing source of confirmation when it comes to this product. Add all this on top of the fact that it only costs $39, and you can easily understand why this simply cannot be a scam. 

And wait, there is more! The creator of the Backyard Revolution is ready to give you a 60 days money back guarantee so that you can test out the program as you wish. If it does not fit your needs, you can always return it. NO questions asked — you just get your money bac

Last, but definitely not least, if you have any questions, you can always pop them to the address mentioned by Bennet in his guide. He will answer and help you through whatever your doubts or questions may be. 

Backyard Revolution Review: Final Thoughts

We live in a world where electricity rules our lives. And there is absolutely nothing bad about that. 

Electrical power allows us to read at night, surf the internet, watch TV, keep our refrigerator cold, wash our clothes faster, and overall, enjoy a better life. 

Energy also comes with a pretty hefty price, especially when you find out that you can get it almost for free using a system like Backyard Revolution. 

Regardless of who you are and where you come from, this system will provide you an alternative to staying connected to an unreliable, expensive “grid”. 

Is there anything more precious than freedom, ever? 

We think not. And this is why we’re giving Backyard Revolution Review a positive score. 

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