Authorities respond to bomb scare at residence of judge in Trump’s fraud trial

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In a concerning development, authorities swiftly responded to a bomb threat at the residence of Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the high-profile civil fraud case involving former President Donald Trump. 

This alarming incident occurred on Thursday, just hours before the expected closing arguments in the trial.

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Court unfazed by bomb threat, proceedings to continue

A court spokesperson, Al Baker, verified the incident, stating, “There was a threat. I can confirm a bomb threat.” Despite this, the court remained resolute in proceeding as scheduled.

“As of now, we are going forward as scheduled, and the court proceedings and closing arguments are going ahead as planned,” Baker affirmed. 

He further informed The Hill that established security protocols have been in place since the trial’s inception, emphasizing the implementation of additional security measures.

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Swatting incident amid high-profile NY trial, authorities ensure continuity

The New York Attorney General’s Office, alongside Baker, reassured the continuation of the trial without delay. 

Meanwhile, the Nassau County Police Department responded to what they described as a “swatting incident” in Great Neck Gardens, though they did not confirm the resident’s identity. 

This development adds to the trial’s tense atmosphere, highlighting the complex nature of high-profile legal proceedings.

$250 million lawsuit against Trump and sons

The case revolves around a $250 million lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Trump, his adult sons, and the Trump Organization. 

The lawsuit accuses the former president’s company of manipulating asset values for tax benefits and improved insurance coverage. Trump and his sons have consistently denied these allegations.

Adding to the trial’s intrigue, Trump expressed his desire to deliver his closing argument. However, Judge Engoron dismissed this request, citing concerns about Trump’s adherence to relevant legal standards. 

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Judge limits Trump’s trial role amid rising tensions and allegations

Engoron expressed willingness to allow Trump’s participation under strict conditions, threatening to interrupt or penalize him for deviation from court decorum.

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A lawyer from James’s office also opposed Trump’s request, asserting he had no inherent right to present his closing argument. 

Trump, known for his vocal responses, criticized Engoron and James on Truth Social, accusing them of collusion against him.

The relationship between Trump and Engoron has been marked by several confrontations during the trial, including disputes over a gag order. 

Trump accuses Engoron, James of bias as landmark trial nears conclusion

Trump has not hesitated to label both Engoron and James as biased, using terms like “Trump haters,” “frauds,” and “political hacks.”

With the closing arguments slated to begin on Thursday, each party is allocated two hours and 15 minutes to present their final case. 

The trial’s outcome, carrying significant implications, is expected to be decided before the month’s end, drawing national and international attention to this landmark legal battle.

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