Appcoiner Review – Should You Use This To Make Money Online?

App Coiner Review

Making money online is easy if you know what to do. Unfortunately there are lots of programs on the internet that promise to make that easy for you. Some you can trust, some you can’t. We try and sort through these products and this is why today, we are doing this Appcoiner review.

You’ll discover what Appcoiner is, what it does, how it can help, as well as if the program is the right sort of thing for people trying to make money online.

Appcoiner Review – What Is AppcoinerApp Coiner Review

Appcoiner was created as a review system  to help both app creators and ordinary people make money from apps. Anyone using a cellphone in 2018 probably already knows what an app is. Whilst some apps are free, most are paid, or at the very least, are free to try for a time.

Appcoiner sits at the intersection of the user and the developer and acts as a proving ground for apps. Although the website that runs Appcoiner is a middleman of sorts, it does appear to play an important role in principle. Think about Appcoiner as a meeting ground for beta testers.

Appcoiner Review – How It Works for Ordinary Users

Since Appcoiner acts as a supplier of users for app developers, the platform has a simple system for interacting with the users that it attracts. It does this using a simple three-part process.

The first part involves the signing up process. Here users take the first step in becoming what Appcoiner calls “beta testers.” After that, according to the website, the user then gets to choose an app to test. This part looks straightforward enough; apps, after all, are pretty common these days.

App Coiner DownloadBut there is a selection process that is involved which means users can make a choice from what is available. Let’s say for example, that a beta tester is interested in games, mostly. That tester can focus exclusively on testing gaming apps. That way they don’t have to bother looking at apps they have no interest in.

The second part of the process involves a review. This is the user who gets to leave the review for the app they’ve tested. Each app tested requires that the user leaves a review. This review is a rundown of experience, likes and dislikes, as well as the improvements that a user feel can make an app better. We liked this section for its creative powers given to users.

It’s not every day that ordinary people get a chance to alter the course of things that are sold in the marketplace so we felt that the review process gives ordinary people a chance to express their opinions.

The third stage of the process is the most important. Here the reviewer gets paid for their review. Sounds easy, right? Well from our research the program works exactly like that. Of course the review can’t be some throwaway one-liner that has no meaning or relevance to the apps.

This is why the app review stage is an important element for members of Appcoiner to grasp. The good news is that all the reviews call for is an honest appraisal of the app. Do it right and we believe that in principle, the Appcoiner method is sound.

Appcoiner Review – How To Get In

Appcoiner is a membership website. This means that access isn’t available to anyone. People have to pay to be a part of the platform. For that membership people who sign up get access to the whole testing and review process. In other words, there is some value that comes with being a member. Users who aren’t happy with the program are covered, too.

The Appcoiner membership program comes with a  60-day money-back guarantee so anyone who joins the review and beta testing platform and dislikes it, can simply ask for a refund.

Appcoiner Review – Final ThoughtsApp Coiner Scam

Appcoiner is a program that was inevitable given the growth of smartphones and the millions of Apps that are created each day. The need for qualified beta testers is a natural consequence of many apps flooding the market. From this perspective, Appcoiner and other programs out there are in some respects, important.

We don’t believe the paid side of access is a bad idea. This helps to keep out idlers and people looking to make a quick buck. The platform itself is easy to use, well designed and functional. Best of all, anyone who doesn’t like it, can leave. Visit the official website for Appcoiner here

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

appcoiner review


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