Any nation, including the U.S, would do the same thing if attacked like Israel – Kirby

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John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, affirmed the United States’ support for Israel’s right to self-defense in response to the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas, as reported on “Fox News Sunday.”

When asked by Fox News’s Shannon Bream about potential restrictions on U.S. aid to Israel, Kirby emphasized that Israel, as a sovereign nation, has the right and responsibility to respond to the attacks.

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‘Israel has every right, responsibility to attack Hamas’- Kirby

“Israel is a sovereign nation attacked in a brutal way on the seventh of October.”

“They have every right and responsibility to go after the terrorist group that perpetrated these attacks and … oh, by the way, has made clear they’re going to do it again and do more. They have every right and responsibility to go after them.”

Kirby affirms U.S support for Israel, draws parallels to American policy

Kirby drew a parallel between Israel’s situation and how any nation, including the U.S., would react under similar circumstances.

“We would do the same thing — any nation would,” he said.

He reiterated America’s commitment to continue providing Israel with the necessary security assistance and to share insights on urban warfare.

Israeli Military escalation in Gaza sparks humanitarian concerns

The Israeli response to the Hamas-initiated attack has led to a significant number of Palestinian casualties in Gaza, as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry, sparking criticism and concerns about a humanitarian crisis in the region.

Despite this, Israel has continued its military actions, including ordering more evacuations in southern Gaza, where residents have been fleeing due to heavy bombardment.

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Truce falters: Hostage exchange ends as ceasefire talks stall

A weeklong truce, which ended after Hamas failed to provide a list of hostages for release, had resulted in the release of over 100 hostages by Hamas in exchange for about 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons.

The future of ceasefire negotiations remains uncertain.

U.S. balances support for Israel with caution amid conflict complexity

Kirby’s statements highlight the U.S.’s stance on Israel’s actions, underscoring the principle of self-defense while also expressing concern over civilian casualties and emphasizing the need for Israel to be cautious in its military operations.

This reflects the complexity of the situation and the balance the U.S. seeks to maintain in its support for Israel and its approach to the conflict.

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