Anti Diet Solution Review – Is This The Biggest Scam Ever?


Can a fitness guru really help a 68 year-old grandma lose 16 pounds in 10 days? And can said grandma go on to lose a total of 84 pounds in 12 months? These are incredible numbers indeed; and they are the reason we decided to take a closer look at the anti diet solution. This anti diet solution review will analyze the product, exposing faults (if we see any) and revealing benefits. Early findings suggest the creator of the anti diet solution is a bit of a rogue – more on that below.

Anti Diet Solution Review – Is Anthony Alayon A Rouge Fitness RevolutionaryAnti-Diet-Solution-Anthony-Alayons

Think about revolutionaries and you draw up images of beret-wearing types scurrying through the jungles of Central America. But there are a new set of revolutionaries and many exist in the diet and fitness industry. The question we set out to answer when we selected anti diet solution for review was whether the products creator is one of those rogues.

Anthony Alayon comes to the table with the product Anti Diet Solution along with an impressive resume in the fitness space. He’s a heavy contributor to muscle and fitness magazines, including Flex Magazine, and Natural Muscle. This guy gets around in the fitness space. This makes his bold claims a bit more appealing in some sense; but it requires greater digging. Let’s take a look then at what the anti diet solution is really about.

Anti Diet Solution Review – Core Methodologies (1,2, &3)

Many diet programs are produced every year, but every now and then one comes along that goes against the grain. The anti diet solution is one such program. The creator decided on the evidence of the program, to go completely against what is expected. We liked that. Instead of going down the hackneyed path of commonplace diets, the creator has decided to try a unique approach.

The anti diet solution tries to achieve a divergence of results using three main strategies.

Anti-Diet-Solution-ReviewStrategy one involves cleaning the body of harmful toxins and bacteria. This is an area often neglected by most diet programs. Lots of emphasis is placed on green this, green that; but little time is spent educating the user about the existing colony of baddies living inside their bodies. The strategy guide goes into some detail about the various bacteria that may be living inside the stomach, as well offering a food strategy for eliminating them.

Strategy two involves creating the sort of dieting and exercise culture that puts the user on a path of long term results. The goal with the program is to help users achieve their optimum weight and never look back. Goodbye fat days, hello skinny weeks, months, and perhaps even years. The creator of the product seems to have put long term results at the heart of the program.

Strategy three focuses heavily on the immune system. Metabolism plays a key role in keeping off weight; but few people understand the importance of the immune system in the overall process. Anthony Alayon goes into detail, offering hints, insights, and tips about how to reinforce the defenses of the immune system.

Anti Diet Solution Review – Product Component Anti-Diet-Solution-Scam

The anti diet solution comes with a main guide, an eBook, along with a series of mini-guides. All come in the handy and convenient PDF format for easy access and transfer to mobile devices.

The main guides expands on the three main strategies outlined above. It gets to the heart of weight loss, exposing some of the myths of dieting. The main book also explains why traditional diets have failed men and women for such a long time. It also gives a detailed breakdown of the types of exercises most effective at helping people to lose weight. The bacteria section is eye opening, and dispels quite a lot of untruths out there about the digestive tract.

Bonus Products – Great Additions

No weight loss guide is going to be effective without supporting material. The anti diet solution pulls off this strategy with some ease. The program does anti diet solution workcomes with three important mini-guides. The first of which is the 28 day fat start diet. This is the guide that gives quick access, and quick results to those willing to put in the work.

The second mini-guide helps users attain the benefits of anti-aging enzymes. The rich slimming food guide gives a helpful set of recipes and tips towards this anti-aging goal. Perhaps the biggest mini-guide though is the 50 natural health cures guide. It’s packed with information about the types of herbs and such that that help combat the effects of disease and old age. These 50 natural health cures help push back against big pharma and all the synthetic products available out there.

Anti Diet Solution Review – Final Take

The anti diet solution is not one of the best rated guides we’ve looked at. To suggest that it’s an easy 5 star rated product would be disingenuous. But the guide and its accompanying bonus is definitely not a 2 or a 3 star product either. We believe the guide is well written, clear and easy to understand, as well as being accessible (digital format ensures this). There is a noticeable absence of audio and video, but the guides weren’t meant to be traditional. The text-based guides is suited to anyone who wants to take immediate control of the process. The anti diet solution is therefore a decent recommendation. We give it around 4.7 stars. Check it out here.

Final Rating: 4.7 Stars

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