Anabolic Running Review – Can This Save Your Sex Life?


Many men are suffering across the country from low testosterone which in turn is making them failures in bed. What’s worse, is that one of the causes for this is something so common, most men aren’t even aware it’s affecting them.

Anabolic Running promises to fix these problems. But can it really restore the full strength of a man who’s failing miserably in bed? This anabolic running review will provide all the answers. Strap in, this review is going to blow the lid on the anabolic running product and its creator.

Anabolic Running Review – Joe Logalbo’s Incredible Backstoryjoe-logalbo-anabolic-running-review

We’ve been told for the last 30 years that running is simply the best way to maintain cardiovascular fitness. But Joe Logalbo found that whilst this is true, it can have devastating effects on other areas of your body. Joe became a high-stakes marathon runner but after a while he noticed that he wasn’t doing very well, in bed. Not only did become razor thin and weak, he couldn’t deliver in bed. His disappointed wife had had enough. He doesn’t say it out loud but looks like she was going to leave him. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and started to research the ill-effects of running.

Whilst he was conducting this research to save his marriage, he came across a special kind of running. This rarely talked about type of running was believed to be helpful in boosting hormones by nearly 600%. It was this amazing discovery that led to the creation of anabolic running.

Anabolic Running Review – What Is Anabolic Running, Exactly?

The anabolic running program is a special sprint exercise program developed for men. This part is super important because many people are confused about who the program is targeted to. The anabolic running program is based in part on the philosophy of interval training. This is a kind of sprint anabolic-running-program-reviewtraining where you go hard at one thing, rest, and go hard again.

In Joe Logalbo’s uniquely created version of this interval training, users are encouraged to take 45-second sprints, then follow up with a rest interval of around 3 minutes. The program is complemented with a series of nasal exercises. These are very important in the process involving lactic acid. You see, the use of lactic acid to strengthen a man’s sex drive is part of anabolic running’s secret recipe.

Anabolic Running Review – Actual Contents And What To Expect

Joe Logalbo’s program is designed to do one thing: turn you into a stud if you weren’t one before; or turn you back into a stud if you lost your stud-hood. It’s really that simple, yet so powerful.

Joe packages his program very well and users who gain access to the download area can expect the following

Anabolic Running Warm-up Videosanabolic-running-scam

Videos are one of the main reasons this program is flying off the shelves. No program that promises rock hard erections can afford to leave out a safe and instructive system for delivery. Joe doesn’t disappoint.

The videos are well recorded and well presented. In each video the lucky users gets to see the precise exercises Joe has used himself to reassert his manhood. The shoulder circles video is particularly interesting and it sets the stage for the walking lunge. There’s an oddly titled frog jump video, along with a modified version of the walking lunge called the walking lunge with a twist.

The Anabolic Running Guide Treasure Chesttestosterone-hacker-anabolic running

The treasure chest is our little spin on the exclusive section found in the anabolic running program. We called it that because the accompanying PDFs are really well put together.

There are key PDF’s a user gets when they access the download area:

The testosterone hacker handbook cracks the code and shows how men can boost their levels and regain their dominance in the bedroom. No testosterone and a man is limp, useless. The hacker handbook shows how such limpness can be reversed.

The Shock and Awe Strength Program builds heavily on the videos and shows users how to tap their inbuilt muscles for maximum leverage. This is accompanied by a shock and awe strength video demo PDF. The two work together to show how men can get ripped and move along the path of sexy presentation.

The other main PDFs help deliver the value by breaking down the anabolic running program in readable text.

anabolic running scamAnabolic Running Review – Just Grab It

Anabolic running is a unique approach to fixing sexual deficiency in men. We liked the fact that the program shatters conventional thinking about cardio and exposing its dangers to the male penis.  The program provides the tools and knowledge to kick-start the recovery of sexual dysfunction in any man. Above all, it shows affected men how they can transform themselves into true alphas. Visit the main website here and check out the anabolic running program.


Final Rating: 4.7 Stars

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