Anabolic Cooking Review – Can You Really Trust This Product?

anabolic cooking scam

Our Anabolic Running review was such a huge success with readers that we decided to do a follow-up of sorts. Today we’ll be doing our first Anabolic Cooking review. Whilst doing research for another review, we noticed that people kept asking questions about Anabolic Cooking and its creator, Dave Ruel. A little digging revealed that thousands of people were using the program to knock off fat and build muscle. Like the program itself, this review will be an efficient run-through of the reasons Anabolic  Cooking seems to be flying off the digital shelves.

Anabolic Cooking Review – Who Is Dave Ruel?

Dave Ruel earned is good name in the world of competitive bodybuilding. He’s been competing against some of the top bodybuilders in the world since 2006. Over the years he’s built up a reputation for being a expert in crafting sculpted bodies using the power of nutrition. As a matter of fact, in most circles Dave Rule is known by the nickname, “The Muscle Cook.” Dave earned this name by creating and using unique recipes for building muscle and getting his body into shape. His methods did so well among his peers that the creation of Anabolic Cooking was a natural next step.

anabolic cooking scamAnabolic Cooking Review – What Is The Product All About

Think about Anabolic Cooking as natural way to grow muscle without bulking up the body with all sorts of harmful supplements. The program was created specifically for people who are looking to build muscle. This doesn’t mean that it is specifically targeted and only useful to bodybuilders, far from it.

But the underlying purpose for the product is to help people who are specifically interested in building muscle. By that token Anabolic Cooking is useful for anyone, at any age. The only qualification for using this product is the desire or ambition to get ripped.

The program itself is built around a series of proven recipes that are directly helpful in building muscle. The recipes aren’t just any old recipe; they are definitely not the type you find liberally sprinkled in popular men’s magazines. These are recipes that are proven scientifically to help the body get into an anabolic state.

Anabolic Cooking Review – The Backing of Science

In reviewing the Anabolic cooking, we were impressed with how much effort was put into explaining the science behind the recipes. We didn’t, for instance, understand the difference between the anabolic state of the body and the catabolic state of the body.

Dave Ruel explained the difference expertly, shedding new light on how the body works especially when it is trying to build muscle. Anabolic cooking is therefore more than just a collection of recipes. What’s even more impressive is that the knowledge delivered in the program can be transferred to even greater areas of health and well-being. It didn’t take us long to see for instance, that once the anabolic state is reached, the heart and subsequent cardiovascular benefits are immense.

Anabolic Cooking Review – What Is In The Packagedoes anabolic cooking work

Anabolic Cooking comes in a very well presented and illustrated cook book. The recipes are thoroughly explained and there is ample information about where ingredients can be accessed. This was another particularly interesting aspect of the recipe book.

Too often we’ve seen recipes given by so-called expert trainers, with very little information about where the ingredients for these recipes can be bought. Often the ingredients are not even available locally. Dave Ruel has made sure that users of his recipe guides don’t fall into this trap.

The package isn’t just a healthy collection of recipes, though. The anabolic cooking package comes with a very good set of bonuses.

The first bonus is the anabolic cooking quick start guide. Though strictly not a bonus, the guide is very helpful in getting users started. Of special interest in the quick start guide is the data analysis of the main ebook. Users are able to dissect many of the sections in the main ebook in a very simple and straightforward way. Anabolic cooking is perfect for action-taking muscle builders.

Anabolic-Cooking-ReviewOther bonuses include a set of meal plans to really get some structure to the anabolic cooking program. The meal plans are separated into two categories. The first category deals with meals that are geared towards weight loss; while the second set of emails deal exclusively with muscle gain.

Dave has also included food and training logs, as well as a calorie calculator to help users keep track of everything.

Supplements Debunked and Demystified

Dave Ruel has taken his years of experience as a body builder and translated his wisdom into a guide about supplements. This bonus is huge and helps users sort out the good information from the bad where supplements are concerned.

Anabolic Cooking Review – Final Thoughtsdave ruel anabolic cooking review

When we finished examining the product thoroughly we came to one conclusion. This was going to be our first 5 star rated programs in the anabolic section. Our previous review on anabolic running scored high, but this one it was clear deserved the highest marks.

The guide itself is jam packed with useful information and the bonuses are worth a lot in themselves. The bonuses combined could easily make a standalone product. Dave Ruel has knocked the ball out the park with this one.  Go to the official website now.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

anabolic cooking review

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