American Woman Shares Heartbreak as Family is Taken Hostage by Hamas in Israel

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By Mark Sullivan

Abbey Onn, an American with family in Israel, recounted her family’s terrifying ordeal as they were brutally abducted by Hamas terrorists amid the ongoing conflict. During an emotional appearance on Fox & Friends First, Onn revealed that among the kidnapped was her 12-year-old cousin, a situation she described as every parent’s worst nightmare.

Onn expressed her heartbreak and disbelief at the unfolding situation, emphasizing that this crisis transcends politics and underscores the human suffering involved. She stressed the importance of recognizing the victims as individuals—grandparents, children, husbands, and wives—rather than reducing them to statistics.

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Among the abducted family members were Onn’s 80-year-old cousin, Carmela Dan, along with her son-in-law and three grandchildren who were living with her at the time. Their identities were later confirmed as Ofer Kalderon, Sahar Kalderon, Erez Kalderon, and Noya Dan.

The terrifying ordeal began when Hamas terrorists invaded the area near the Gaza border where Onn’s family lived. She explained how her family was surrounded, and communication was abruptly cut off as they lost contact with their loved ones. Onn revealed that they later saw a video of their 12-year-old cousin in the hands of Hamas.

Despite the grave situation and threats by Hamas to execute hostages, Onn remains hopeful, expressing gratitude for the support of friends, family, and government agencies as they work to follow the appropriate protocols. She emphasized her determination to remain optimistic and hold out hope for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis.

The conflict has seen Hamas take more than 130 hostages in a surprise attack, leading to further violence and rocket attacks that have claimed lives and caused significant injuries in Israel.

In this heartbreaking situation, Onn’s account serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll of the ongoing conflict and the importance of international efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution.

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