American volunteers in Ukraine Cry Out for Urgent Assistance

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American volunteers, experienced in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, have joined Ukraine’s struggle against Russia, seeing it as a battle of good versus evil. 

Gino, a U.S. Army veteran serving with Ukraine’s military intelligence, expressed the urgency for U.S. assistance: “We’re trying to convey a sense of urgency that they need the help now.” 

Families of U.S. soldiers advocate for aid to Ukraine

This plea is echoed by other former U.S. soldiers and families of Americans who lost their lives fighting in Ukraine.

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These volunteers and families came to Washington under the auspices of The Weatherman Foundation, seeking to expedite President Biden’s $60 billion assistance package for Ukraine, currently stalled due to political disagreements over U.S. immigration policy. 

“I’ll come back, I’ll kick in doors,” said Karla Webber, whose son, Andrew, a West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran, was killed in Ukraine. She is determined to influence leaders to take the war seriously.

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Debate surrounds proposed U.S. assistance package for Ukraine

The proposed assistance package aims to replenish U.S. stockpiles and provide Ukraine with critical weapons. 

Biden’s supporters and Kyiv’s allies view this as a boon for both American industry and Ukraine’s defense. 

However, the package faces opposition from some Republicans and Democrats, challenging the bipartisan support for Ukraine.

For American fighters in Ukraine, U.S. supplies are vital. P., an Afghanistan war veteran, credits U.S. cluster munitions for saving his life during a critical operation. 

Ukraine’s ongoing battle against Russian aggression calls for continued support

He emphasizes the importance of continued American support, including long-range missiles and air defense systems, to repel Russian advances.

Nearly two years into Russia’s invasion, the conflict has reached a stalemate, with Russia still controlling significant Ukrainian territory. 

Putin’s regime has circumvented international sanctions, ramped up domestic military production, and sought new partnerships for arms supplies, showing resilience despite the conflict’s toll.

Despite challenges, Ukraine has retaken territory and adapted to using complex weapons systems. 

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Nonprofits aid Ukraine’s fight against Russian drones

P., part of Ukraine’s “Chosen company,” highlighted severe equipment shortages and the crucial role of nonprofits in providing essential gear. 

He also noted how Ukraine’s innovative use of available weapons provides valuable lessons for future warfare.

Jumbo, a former Marine recovering from an attack, stressed the need for electronic warfare capabilities to counter Russian drones, a significant challenge for Ukrainian forces. 

With U.S. aid delayed, nonprofits and individual donors are stepping in to provide crucial support.

Families continue support for Ukraine amid political stalemate

Families like Willow Andrews, who lost her son Cooper, a former Marine, in Ukraine, are contributing to the cause despite personal losses. 

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She expressed frustration over the political impasse in Washington, connecting border issues with Ukraine’s aid. “When I hear on the news that the border is connected to funding for Ukraine, it’s really disturbing,” she said.

Willow reflected on her son’s lifelong dedication to helping others, from his days as an Eagle Scout to his decision to fight in Ukraine. 

Cooper’s commitment to democracy and opposition to Putin

His motivation was rooted in a deep commitment to democracy and a stance against Putin. 

“Caring about people, caring about democracy — and no love for Putin — was why Cooper said he should go. And he said, ‘Mom, if I don’t do it, who will? You taught me to fight for things I believe in.’”

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